The new Heli-Leads are the perfect choice with a Heli-Safe!

The Heli-Safe system has proved to be extremely popular since it was launched, and now we’ve designed a lead that is the perfect match.

This clever system is designed so that it drops the lead once a fish is hooked, thus minimising the chance of it becoming snagged, or of hookpulls caused by heavy leads fished at range with short hook links, such as with chod set-ups.

The Heli-Safe will work with conventional swivel leads, but the new Heli-Lead makes for an even neater attachment, as it features a ring rather than a swivel.

Like all Korda leads, they are beautifully finished in a tough camouflage paint, that helps make them resistant to chips and scratches.

They are the perfect shape for fishing at long range as the weight-forward design means they are incredibly stable in flight and will cast to the horizon!

This lead, combined with the Heli-Safe, is the perfect choice for any fans of chod or helicopter set-ups.

They are available in tackle shops now, or via https://www.korda24.com, with a choice of sizes from 1.5oz up to 4oz, in half ounce increments, to cover all angling situations, and priced at £1.45 to £1.55 each.