The Lucky Hat - Jerry Bridger

I must admit, I didn't think I'd be penning another catch report after a reporting in on a five-fish catch only a couple of weeks ago. However, September seems to have started as well as August finished off. Anyway, with some holiday days at work cashed in, I embarked on a much-needed two-night session on my chosen Midlands still water and I'm very pleased to report another five-fish catch including two thirties to 34lb 14oz, a breeze block 26lb 13oz common, topped off with a stunning 28lb 13oz mirror, that was definitely pick of the bunch looks-wise.

I went for the same tactics that proved so successful on my previous trip to the lake only two weeks previously, which involved introducing plenty of dosed-up hemp and the super-deadly 10mm Cell boilies at 120yds and firing single Cell wafter barrel hook baits over the top. Terminal-wise the size-six Kurv Shank hooks did the business again (superb hook holds in weedy conditions) tied up to 20lb Semi Stiff N-Trap, launched with 4oz Distance Swivel leads and the indestructible 15lb Green SUBline.

It’s been mega to have hit a real purple patch (must be the new lucky hat) after not having angled much through the summer and now having landed ten fish in two trips, including five different thirties to 34lb 14oz, I just hope the roll continues for a little while longer! In truth, I'm just pleased to be out angling at a lovely time of the year before the change of seasons kicks in. Roll on the next trip in a few weeks on my yearly birthday session!