The Korda Adventure

Last week saw a convoy of Korda boys travelling to the heart of France in an attempt to bag some of the whacking great carp that reside in Maison Du Lac Bleu, and boy did they succeed. The two designated drivers were none other than Neil Spooner, and Colonel Alan Perry. They were assigned the task of driving everyone’s tackle to the lake, while the others travelled – ‘playboy style’, as the Germans refer to it as, by plane.
After a long, nine-hour journey, they finally arrived and everyone was ready to be let loose on the monster carp of Maison.
Danny Fairbrass and Clive Gibbins kicked off the trip in style as they both landed 50 pounders along with a brace of 30’s a piece. They certainly enjoyed their breakfast the next day!
The trip literally went into overdrive from then. Joly, renowned to be fairly tricky, was being totally emptied by Lee Bell, fishing in a swim known as The Monk. Bell, as he’s known for short, was fishing particularly well, spodding on a sixpence with his hook baits placed over 130yrds. The results were simply outstanding landing 9 fish to a staggering 61lb. Bell referred to the amazing catch as a full house - 20lb,30lb,40lb,50lb and 60lb - simply magic!
Over on Neuf, one of the smaller lakes at Maison, the lads were also making the most of it. Big Jonny ‘Lunatic’ Mann caught seven up to 49lb 2oz, while over on the opposite bank Clive Gibbins was also giving them some stick with six up to 50lb 8oz.
The highlight of the trip was yet to come. Neil Spooner received a slow, forceful take and soon hooked into a heavy fish. While playing this obvious biggun, Benny Gaye, received a take. Both fish resulted in commons of 51lb 12oz – unbelievable. Benny Gaye had six other fish topped by a fish of 32lb 8oz.
Neil, top rod on Neuf, continued his remarkable success with nine fish. Most of the lads on Neuf adopted similar tactics spreading large beds of boilies via an Eazi Stik.
Success continued on the final two lakes, namely Pirouet and Genetries, with some huge carp gracing the bank. Chopper Harris located on The Point managed to land four carp up to 48lb 12oz on a difficult week for Pirouet’s standards. Glenn Bell caught four topped by an awesome 46lb PB common, Petal managed two and Andy Reynolds also caught three.
Then, there was Genetries. Fishing an un-fancied area of the lake, Keith Rayment absolutely annihilated the place. Fishing over boilies once again, he tallied 21 fish to an astonishing 48lb. This was the most anyone has ever caught on the annual Korda trip – top man.
The final number of fish in the week totalled 95 carp, including an incredible 9 personal bests.