The Jewel - Rich Seeds

I arrived at my syndicate early on Thursday morning and set off for a look around. I did a couple of laps and after speaking to a few of the anglers I found out that the lake was actually fishing pretty slowly. As the morning rolled on, I decided to fish a swim known as The Shallow Point. With the temperature steadily rising through the afternoon, this looked the best place to start my session.

I started off with a solid bag on one rod and a 2½ foot zig rig on the other. Everything was very quiet, until I noticed that the fish were starting to move off to my right. I went to have a quick look and see what I could spot round to the back of the point. After a closer inspection of the bay, it was clear there were a number of fish about so I decided to move and set up for the night.

The fish were very close in so I decided to fish one rod over a light weed bed and the other on a firm clay area in about 4ft of water, again, at very close range.

Rig wise, I decided to stick with what I have confidence in, a simple snowman presentation was my chosen set up. Made up of the N-Trap soft in 20lb, straight through with size 6 Kaptor Kurv with the hair stripped back. The hook bait was a 20mm Sticky Vortex bottom bait, topped off with a Bucca Berry 16mm pop-up.

I baited up with a good scattering of freebies. As it got dark, I was worried the fish had drifted off but, as my eyes adjusted, I could just make out the odd fish showing in the gloom, so knew there was still fish about. At first light I was woken by a steady take. I lifted into the fish and it went off like a rocket right out of the bay and was trying to get round the point. I managed to get some line back and started to plod around in front of me. It weeded me up on a number of occasions, but I kept the pressure on, which thankfully kept it moving.

As I netted it, I didn’t get a good look at it. It was only when I lifted it up I saw it was a mirror. It rolled on its side and I could see it was the big linear known as the Jewel. I was over the moon as this is the most sought after fish in the lake and one that I dearly wanted to catch ever since I started fishing there.

My mate Trev came down and helped me weigh it and it took the needle round to 37lb 10oz. We did the pictures and then we slipped him back to fight another day. By 4pm my session was sadly over; I drove home extremely happy and completely buzzing to get the rods out again.