The Immaculate - Ed Betteridge

Ed Betteridge has recently bagged one of his target fish from his Nene Valley syndicate.
Ed quoted: “I have been fishing all over the country this year, so it was nice to return to an old haunt and bag one of the ones I really wanted”.
The fish is known as the Immaculate and weighed 2oz short of the 40lb barrier.
“I was expecting her to be slightly bigger in October, but I guess she hasn’t been on the munch this year. Nevertheless, when they look this good the weight is immaterial and she certainly lived up to her name”.
The winning rig was a reverse snowman fished with a bright pop-up near the hook. The rig was tied up with a size 6 Wide Gape Kaptor on 9 inches of 20lb green N-Trap. This was fished in conjunction with a 3oz inline lead fished wrap over style on a Safezone leader.
The rig was fished over 1.5kg of The Edge boilies from Aqua Dynamix on a very slack line. Ed has been trialling a new pro-type main line that will be hitting the market soon; it is a version of Subline that is tapered at each end of the 300 metre spool.
It has been helping Ed cast big distances without being encumbered by a leader knot. Ed also believes that the extra weight in the 0.50mm gage end section helps the last few yards of line sink and hugs the lake bed to disguise the line and to sneak an extra bite or two.
Ed said: “I am really pleased with the new line and how it helped me get the bite that resulted in the capture of The Immaculate. There is one fish left that I want to catch out of the water, time is ticking on and I have about a month to bank her before the lake shuts up shop for the colder months”.