The Goo - Official Statement

It has come to our attention recently that a small minority of people have questioned the contents of Kiana Carp Goo and their environmental credentials. Therefore it is our decision to lay down the facts of the Goo and deconstruct the fiction to lay to rest the speculation and to reassure those who genuinely do care about carp and the environment that the Goo is very safe to use. We will reiterate that Goo causes no harm to the fish or the environment and contains no banned substances.

The Goo contains readily available, approved and tested ingredients. The exact identity and quantities of the components will remain a trade secret as it will be copied by rival companies. The Goo is not for human consumption and neither is any other fishing liquid attractant. The coloured component of the Goo dissipates in the lake water over a relatively short period of time. The tests that have been done on the components (with specific reference to the colour) have been performed by neutral non-biased scientists and the body of evidence supporting the components of Goo is strong and genuine. All manner of tests have been performed on the components of Goo to ensure its safety in the aquatic environment from the lowest forms of microorganisms to large cyprinid fish.

The components of Goo are organic, natural, highly water-soluble and perhaps most importantly of all, no bio-concentration occurs in organisms which means that no harm to the aquatic environment would occur even in the long term.

Hopefully, most reasonable people will be satisfied by this statement. We as a company have given great time and consideration to this topic before the Goo was ever released. We genuinely care for the wellbeing of carp and the natural environment probably more than most.