The Golden Grains - Team Korda

Sweetcorn – what a classic. There aren’t many species of fish that won’t eat those little golden grains and carp are certainly no exception.

There is a lot more to the use of sweetcorn than you will initially suspect and over the years it’s uses have become wide spread. We are going to cover some of corns different uses, hopefully opening the doors to the wonderful world of the yellow grain.

Corn is wonderful as a stand-alone bait, it works all year round and has done for many years now. It is probably the all time classic of baits. No one can put a finger on exactly what it is about the stuff that the carp like so much but there’s certainly something they struggle to avoid. The combination of colour, taste, size and the all season ease of consumption have joined forces to create a carp-catching phenomenon. It goes a lot further than just a handful around the rig though, why not try some of these little edges too?

Tip your hookbaits; This is a very popular tactic these days and many of the countries finest anglers now adopt this approach. It is a fantastic way of getting the carp to pick your hookbait out above the rest. One of the biggest issues when applying a lot of bait is getting a quick from amongst it all. By tipping your hookbait with a coloured grain of plastic corn you are immediately enhancing its appeal. When the carp arrive to feed on your free offerings they will notice the item of colour and this often induces a speedy pick-up. This tactic can also work well when using single hookbaits, rather than cast a flavoursome but dull hookbait out in the hope that they find it, why not create a flavoursome yet eye-catching alternative? It couldn’t be easier.

Beat the crays; Crayfish are becoming an ever-more apparent issue in many of our lakes. They have spread like wildfire in some cases and keeping a hookbait in position can become a real issue. Crayfish nibble at the baits until there’s nothing left, leaving us with a major issue – no hookbait. Particle type baits are a great way of slowing down their demolition process, couple this with a hookbait consisting of two grains of corn and you have a crayfish-proof system.

Make it mesh friendly; Sweetcorn can be transformed into a pva friendly bait with ease, and so can other particles in fact. Generally any bait that is submerged in water during storage will cause you major problems when trying to use it within PVA bags – not anymore. Simply drain the majority of the liquid away from your tin of corn and then apply it to a bait tub. Once you have transferred the corn it’s time to add a decent helping of salt. Give the whole lot a good mix around with your fingers until the whole of the corn is covered in salt. Leave it to rest for a few minutes, which will allow the salt time to break down amongst the water. The water, if there is any, will now be salty and salt water is PVA friendly. Job done.

Balance a bait; Plastic sweetcorn can be used to counterbalance the weight of a sinking hookbait. Tigernuts are a great example, simply tip your nut with a grain of corn, it will then sink quite quickly, however, by gradually shaving away at the nut you will be able to get it sinking nice and slowly. You end up with an eye-catching, critically balanced hookbait, which the carp are sure to find hard to resist.

Get GOO’ing; The GOO can be added to almost anything you like, it is a fantastic way of enhancing the appeal of any bait, be it your free offerings or your hookbaits. The goo adds a variety of different levels of attraction to whatever it touches, colour, smell and taste and amongst them.

Sweetcorn is more than just a food source, it’s an addiction, there are so many ways in which you can incorporate it into your angling and all of them will catch you carp, get out there and reap the rewards.

Team Korda