The Giant Is Caught!

There was some staggering news from Gigantica this week as the elusive Giant was banked at a new record weight of 80lb 5oz. The lucky angler was Hermen Jonker from Oldebroek, in The Netherlands. As well as setting a new lake record for Danny Fairbrass’ venue, the huge mirror upped Hermen’s PB by an astonishing 51lb.
Hermen set up in a swim known as Big Girls and baited a clear area behind some weed with 4kg of New Grange boilies, before casting a matching bottom bait, tipped with plastic corn, to the spot. He mounted his bait on a rig that consisted of a size-eight Kurv Shank hook tied to 14 inches of coated braid and a flat, inline pear lead and Safezone leader. Hermen was in the middle of a week stay, which produced a further 20 fish to other anglers.
We asked fishery manager Danny ‘Turtle’ Turley for his thoughts on what must be one of the biggest mirrors in the world. “'When Danny Fairbrass purchased the lake, there was a small album of fish pictures. One was the Giant and, if I remember rightly, it was a mid-thirty in 2006. It has steadily grown, we have pictures which tracking its progress over the years with known captures at 40lb, 50lb and 60lb before Danny took over the lake. Since that time it has grown steadily, putting on 2-3lb per year. The fish is clearly a male, in excellent condition with a perfect mouth, so fingers crossed, it will continue to grow.”
The capture comes at an exciting time for Gigantica as the big fish all seem to be stacking on the weight. Remember, there are spaces for next Spring, so give us a call here at Korda on the following number and we’ll book you in for a stay at one of the best big-carp venues in the World. You can enquire about available dates on 01268 820440, from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, or at any time by emailing bookings@gigantica-carp.com.