The Forgotten Chapters coming to Yateley Angling Centre!

July see’s the launch of one of the most eagerly awaited angling books in history…………

To launch the book, Gareth Fareham, Ali Hamidi and many of the other writers from Forgotten Chapters will be at Yateley Angling Centre this coming Saturday the 17th of July. It will be a unique chance to meet the stars of the book and get yourself a signed copy.

The Forgotten Chapters' has been meticulously compiled by angler and writer Gareth Fareham over the last eighteen months. With significant efforts from friends and developed in conjunction with Ali Hamidi, the book contains 28 entirely unique stories covering the journeys of 28 dedicated carp anglers in search of that ultimate common goal, the capture of that elusive monster.

The Forgotten Chapters is privileged to include chapters from some of the finest anglers in the land; from well-known characters of the scene such as Ritchie MacDonald, Martin Locke and Jason Hayward through to the 'underground' contributors such as Ev, Simon Hartop and Alan Welch. There is always one shared and deeply rooted obsession; the quest for huge, thoroughbred English carp and detailed within are campaigns on the great venues of Wraysbury, Yateley, Longfield, Savay, St Ives, Summerleaze, Richmond Park…the list continues on.

Richly illustrated by Gareth and containing an astonishing wealth of photography of some of the most incredible carp the country has ever produced, it is a book of inspiration that charts the hardships and endeavours, the highs and lows, the emotion and the dedication, the effort and the sacrifice and the friendships and adventures that make up the crooked, winding path towards the pursuit of a dream. The Forgotten Chapters is a truly unique book, bringing together a monumental selection of inspirational chapters that no carp angler can fail to enjoy, regardless of their experience.

Dave Ellyatt - the hunt for a prized resident from a huge under-fished and massively low stocked oxford pit

James Davies - Wraysbury 1, the hunt for the originals

Jason Hayward - The quest for the big Barnwell mirror

James Turner - a 5 month spell fishing Frogmore, the 'Dark Park' and Marlow

Simon Scott - A year on Wraysbury 1 with massive highs and lows

Jim Carpenter - Dinton

Lewis Read - Pad Lake, and the search for Jumbo

Martin Locke - Savay days

Ritchie Mac - The Richmond Park 'Royal' forty

Scott Karabowicz - 18 months on the Car Park at Yateley

John Seal - the Farmwood Pool originals

Rob Gillespie - a spring chasing a tricky northern forty plus common

Chris Winstanley - Pioneering the enigmatic Tatton park in search of huge and incredibly rare commons

Simon Hartop - the quest for a huge unknown Colne Valley mirror from a secret pit

Eric Todd - the tale of the quest for 'Splitty', one of the best looking mirrors in the country

Kenny Gates - hardships and turmoil chasing the Summerleaze Fully scaled

Jamie Walker - chasing the best looking 'beautiful' carp in the country

Ben Hamilton - the hunt for the Car park lake's most elusive resident, Arfur

Alan Welch - a meandering tale about the hunt for the elusive Crayfish Pool originals

Gareth Fareham - the hunt for Heather at the Car Park

Gareth Fareham - a spring on Pingewood chasing the Brute

Clive Williams - Longfield

Mike Brown - a huge common from a quiet, no publicity southern pit

Ev - tales of old from Yateley's North lake, Car Park and the 'big northern mere'

Darrell Peck - St Ives and the Lady

Ali Hamidi - Redesmere

If you’re looking for a carp book that is going to sit you firmly in a chair at home or on the bank then it’s this. It’s a book that once you pick up and open, you can only read and enjoy. It’s a timeless classic that I’m sure will be enjoyed by thousands across Europe. If you can’t make the event at Yateley Angling centre this weekend, then don’t worry you can get a copy off the Internet. Available from www.forgottenchapters.com