The Final Test - Korda Carp Team England

Friday June 29th saw 16 anglers arrive for the final Korda Carp Team England trial, held at Linear Fisheries Brasenose One. The field had been whittled down to just eight pairs of talented carp match anglers, from which a final group of four pairs would be chosen by England management duo, Ian Huntington and Pete Holehouse. The pair in contention were Tom and Andy Maker, Jake and Dan Wildbore, Jamie Londers and Billy Flowers, Kia Sanger and Jack Stamp, Tim Fromant and Cliff Kemp and Harry Charrington and Rob Sutton.
Explaining the venue choice, Team Manager, Ian, told us, “The reason for picking Brasenose One was because the anglers are limited to 20m of water to fish in under FIPSed rules, so we needed a lake to replicate this and still give the pairs a chance of catching. In a final tactical twist, Ian and Pete split the pairs into two teams, green and blue, who would fish against each other in match conditions.
The blue team comprised Barry (captain) and Ben O’Connor, Jake and Dan Wildbore, Tom and Andy Maker and Rob Sutton and Harry Charrington. That left Tim Fromant (captain) and Cliff Kemp, Billy Flowers and Jamie Londors, Mark Bartlett and Kev Hewitt and Kia Sanger and Jack Stamp to form the green team.
“This trial was all about the team and how each individual performed with their teammates to work as a unit,” Ian explained. “To help with this we nominated two team captains. The captains were supposed to galvanise their respective team members into one single unit prior to and during the event. The trial was not all about the winning team moving forward. This process is was all about the performance as a group of anglers who naturally fish against each other having to now communicate, via walky talkies, and work together, both prior and during the trial.
As management, it would give us an insight as to who were the real team players. We have stressed throughout that the team is the most important part of this process. Before the trial we revealed that we were quite prepared to sacrifice any one-off performances, as previously advised and noted in the original invitation criteria, in favour of real team players. We will also take into consideration any specialist skills required to tackle Lacul Corbu, the championship venue in Romania.”
In a tough, closely contested match that saw teams ranked on a points system identical to the real World Champs, the green team scored section wins through Fromant and Kemp as well as Kia Sanger and Jack Stamp, which proved decisive, handing them victory over the blues.
Ian added, “I’d like to say a special thanks to Linear Fisheries, Roy Parsons and of course Korda for all their support in this event. The lads have been absolutely fantastic and I look forward to joining them at the World Championships. The final team will be announced in the week commencing the 23rd July so keep an eye out for more details.”