The Fat Lady - Kev Wilson

Sunday morning couldn’t come fast enough for me this week having had action from the same swim for three weeks running and the weather being absolutely prefect for this swim again - I was chomping at the bit to get the rods out!
Once the chap before me had packed up around lunchtime, I wasted no time in getting the two rods out over to the marginal shelf of the island where I had been getting the action and regularly seeing fish. Chod rigs with the ever faithful Size 6 Choddy hooks at the business end went out the 110 yards, fished with 18mm corkball pop-ups which roughly a hundred baits were scattered around with the Eazi Stick.
The wind was blasting over my shoulder, pumping into the island margin – it really did look pukka for it! The only problem was that due to the algae bloom the weed was dying off pretty quick and coming to the top floating around in big rafts causing everyone major headaches, particularly myself due to the range I was fishing!
By mid afternoon I’d had to re-chuck the rods three or four times because of it taking my lines out which I wasn’t overly impressed about but it had to be done. The weed eased off a bit later in the afternoon and by 6pm it looked like I might not have to recast for the evening. A mate from the next swim turned up as I was just in the process of baiting my last rod. I commented to Dave how I fancied a bite if the dreaded weed would stay off my lines and began winding the marker in from the 25yds it was out in the lake. Unbelievably, I had only got the marker half way back when the fancied rod on the island was away. The marker was thrown in the bush and I was into a heavy feeling weight which soon broke the surface and started acting real strange at 70yds range still!
Dave commented on how it might be her and I told him I didn’t want to hear that and to get the chesties out the van and get them on quick! The fish wallowed left and right a bit before picking up a bit of weed on her head. Luckily, she wallowed behind the weed for 50 yards straight into the net. Dave was sure it was her but I made him check once more and check the hook was in her mouth before letting out a massive shout! She turned the needle round to 51lb 4oz – my first 50 and new personal best leaving me totally blown away. A big thank you to the lads at Korda for their continued support and for producing the awesome Choddy hooks – I really can’t rate them highly enough!!!

Kev Wilson