The fantastic Masterclass 3 is now online!

If you haven’t yet got your hands on a copy of the superb Masterclass 3 DVD, you can now watch it here online!

There has been huge interest in the DVDs, which have been flying out of tackle shops since being released a month or so ago.

Masterclass 3 has plenty of variety and offers something for everyone, and you’re bound to learn something from it whatever type of carp fishing you do.

For the Dutch section, Korda boss Danny Fairbrass is joined by carp catching machine Darrell Peck, and they find that the fishing is very different to what they are usually used to, and show how to overcome the various challenges they faced. This includes all sorts of essential instructional information, plus some breath-taking footage of them in action with some stunning carp that graced their nets during their trip, which will leave you glued to the screen!

Chapter 2 sees the team back in the UK, where pop-ups go under the microscope and the team shows exactly how to get the best from them on various waters. Danny and Darrell are joined by Elliott Gray, and they take an in-depth look at various rigs, including footage of how they look underwater on the lake bed, and which situations you should be looking to use them in. They also look at how to construct them and which items of terminal tackle from the extensive Korda range are most suitable – all of this tackle, and more, will be available from the same tackle shop that you got your DVD from.

The final part sees the team back in Europe, this time with Ali Hamidi and Neil Spooner travelling to Croatia, not only to sample some of the superb fishing on offer in a country neither had visited before, but also to demonstrate how to effectively fish at long range.

The fishing is phenomenal, with fish to over 60lb caught and often several big carp being hooked at the same time – to the extent that they lose count of what they’ve caught! They show how best to fish at ranges which should be achievable by the majority of carp anglers, having watched the DVD and taken note of their advice on the tackle and techniques required for this style of fishing.

To watch it online, check out: http://www.korda.co.uk/masterclass/volume-3/