The Carp Gypsies embark on a Spanish adventure!

Being in a position to be able to go off carp fishing for months at a time is something that many anglers can only dream of, but for some it has become a reality.

German angler Alexander Kobler and his girlfriend Caroline Dicachi have been travelling around Europe, mostly in France initially, searching for big carp in large waters that see relatively little angling pressure.

So far their exploits have seen them bank some stunning carp, and in their latest adventure they were joined by a film crew at a Spanish lake just as conditions became perfect for fishing!

Alexander explained: “Only days after sweating in 37 degrees the temperature dropped to 27 degrees and strong westerly winds were blowing. Unfortunately though we were busy with organising the fishing and licences for another angler, Julien, who would be joining us for some filming over ten days.

“I could not help but get more and more restless and frustrated at not being able to fish, but the carp should go mad on the pre-baited spots and the future fishing would only be better, so I tried to stay relaxed and cook more tiger nuts!

“The guys arrived on the last day of low pressure and after a quick chat we immediately left to go fishing and headed to a spot that I had not fished previously but had been pre-baiting.

“The wind was blowing nicely into our bank and it wasn’t long before we saw some carp jumping, but for some reason we lost the first three runs that we had – in hindsight I think they may have been channel catfish.

The next 24 hours were completely out of control and I landed ten carp, including an old girl of 20kg. But what was really strange and a bit unsatisfying was that neither Caroline nor Julien caught, as he would have loved to catch his first Spanish carp.

“I offered him my side of the swim for the following days, but he wasn’t keen on that idea so we went off to bait our other spot – around 10km away - before returning. I carried on catching whilst the rest of the area remained dead.

“I suggested that Julien moved to the other spot a day before us, and the messages we received over the next 24 hours were incredible, with him catching two good thirties plus a big fully scaled.

“Our area had stopped producing and as we still had filming to do we decided to move and join Julien as Caroline still hadn’t caught any carp yet.

“However, the change of spot didn’t bring us any luck as Julien continued to catch like crazy from the left side of the spot whilst we sat there blanking!”

The Carp Gypsies are now off to try some other waters and we will update you on their progress in the near future.