The Carp Gypsies are off on their travels across Europe again!

Alexander Kobler and his girlfriend Caroline Dicachi are known as the Carp Gypsies, which stems from having spent the past couple of years travelling around Europe in pursuit of big carp from various waters!

The German duo, who have also published a book called ‘Carp Gypsies’, are now back on the road again, having spent a few months promoting their book, and can’t wait to get back on some of the massive wild lakes in the south of France, Spain and Portugal.

You will be able to catch up on their adventures on the Korda website as they travel across Europe, and this time they are being accompanied by another carp angling mad couple, Patricia and Alex from Carp Watercraft.

Looking back on how it all began, Alexander explained: “As a young lad on one of his first long fishing trips I met two English carp anglers in France in 1995. They had cancelled their jobs, left their families at home and had bought a large van for a three month fishing trip.

“One was solely dressed in yellow, the other in red underpants, with sunburned skin and a smell that reminded me of circus horses, they told us the story of their two month blank at Cassien from January to March.

“I thought they were out of their mind and as soon as they left I had to laugh out loud, but now 21 years later I’ve been on the road for more than two years carp angling with my girlfriend.

“We just wanted to break away from everyday life and into a great adventure, and had no idea how long the trip would be or where it would take us – originally Caroline had wanted a trekking trip in Argentina and Brazil, but instead I brought up the idea of a fishing trip through southern Europe. Three months later we’d left our jobs and sold a car and other redundant items, and on the February 1 2014 we set off to live a crazy idea!

“The first months of our trip were an emotional rollercoaster – the indescribable high you get when you leave everything behind, mixed with some inconvenient situations like the gearbox of our VW Transporter breaking on the second day, and some massive storms making the fishing impossible at times.

“But then from April we had the most incredible time in Spain and France and everything we tried worked and we caught some incredible fish.

“Then last winter we published our book (available via www.pinkheron.org) and for the first time since we left we were back to reality, touring Germany, Austria and Holland from one carp show to the next. We got a proper culture shock going from the peace and solitude of 5,000 hectare lakes back to the worries about financial security and what was going on in the world.

“Then the tide turned back in our favour and we were once again able to turn our back on the everyday madness! We still don’t have a key for an apartment and instead we travel through Europe with two tents and a caravan!

“This time we are sharing our adventures with another angling drop-out couple, Patricia and Alex, and together we explore wild waters, searching for adventure, beautiful nature, and of course big uncaught carp, and we are currently right in the middle of it!”

There will further updates on what the Carp Gypsies, and their friends, have been up to as their latest adventure progresses.