The capture of Mad Max

Spooner is no stranger to Berners Hall although this time he has one capture in mind, Rambo!

“Rarely does the opportunity arise for me to do some personal fishing for any longer than an overnighter but last weekend saw exactly that! I had 3 nights planned on Berners and with Rambo not being caught for a couple of months, I was mega excited.

“Upon arrival the lake was busy and as I’d decided to tie this trip in with a bit of a social, swim choice was quite limited. I dropped into a swim that I’ve fished in the past and knowing that a nice clean area was present at 20 wraps, very quickly set about having a lead around at that range.

“Thankfully the area was still clean and pretty soon I had spombed around 3kg of bait out and had 3 different hookbaits wafting around over the top. These baits were fake IB corn on one, a 12mm IB wafter prepared in Buttercorn and Pineapple supreme Goo’s and a 12mm Salty Squid wafter in the squid supreme.

“The lake had been fishing quite slowly by its own standards so when the middle rod signalled a take during the first evening, I was pleasantly surprised. The fight was pretty nondescript and very soon an upper single mirror was safely landed. Things just got better from there on and before dawn I’d managed to land 4 fish with the biggest being a common of 18lb.

“That’s where the fun ended though! Once the fish turn up on Berners you tend to get regular action for the duration of your stay, so after such a frantic start I fully expected to bag up! This was not the case and in fact for the next 28 hours nothing at all happened until my right hand bobbin cracked the butt of the rod and held before slowly dropping down to the floor.

“Picking up the rod was met with nothing on the end and I’d obviously been turned over as it was simply too violent to have just been a liner. That evening the bobbin on the same rod dropped to the floor and id been cut off!! I’m not sure if it was a carp or one of the few pike in there that had taken me out but either way it didn’t do my mood any favours!!

“By now I had all 3 of my children with me so after catching a few small carp with them on one of the smaller lakes it was time for them to cram in the bivvy and get some sleep. The rain turned up and by 9pm everyone was bivvy bound but on the plus side I’d had a couple of liners and it did look prime for a bite.

“11.30 and the right hand rod signalled a drop back and once again I reeled in with no carp, thankfully no cut off but still mega frustrating. I re-wrapped the rod, cast it back out but in doing so had a massive wind knot!! So there I am stood in the pouring rain trying to untangle a birds nest without any waterproofs on; I do NOT recommend this.

“Now this doesn’t happen very often but after all of these incidents and now resembling a drowned rat, I was on the verge of just putting the rod on the rest and relying on the other 2 rods on the rest. Thankfully though stubbornness kicked in and after cutting the line and tying a back to back grinner, the rod was soon back in position.

“I started to put a bit more bait out when I encountered a wind knot on my spod rod too!! This was really not my night but once again that old adage crept into my head, “effort equals reward” so after retying and re-wrapping a bit more bait was deployed.

“I sat back on the bedchair at about 1am feeling very wet and tired but also happy that id spent a bit of time getting the rod fishing as effectively as I possibly could. After getting a bit of sleep (not the easiest when you’re sharing a bedchair with a wriggling child) I woke early and put the kettle on. It was still dark but daylight wasn’t too far away. The rod that had caused me so much grief gave a few bleeps so the first thing I did was turn the receiver off so as not to wake the tribe.

“I honestly expected another weird occurrence so took the time to get my jacket on but as I put my head out of the bivvy door I could see the Delkim LED flashing and hear the clutch whizzing, this one was definitely a bite! the fight didn’t last that long and in the early morning gloom I had a better fish in the net.

“It turned out to be a fish known as Mad Max and at 32.04 certainly made up for the issues I’d faced previously! Rambo still hasn’t been out for a while and I reckon it will be November before I get back over as Tom, Ali and I are soon off to film the next episode of Monster Carp
Be lucky!