The Bulldozer - Scott Dove

After a very positive first year on Golden Gates the start of the new season was looking very promising, and I couldn’t wait to get back amongst the action. Last year, I managed a total of fifty fish from the water on one particle approach, but it did seem to produce the smaller fish. So, this year my good friend Jay Willis and I decided to stick with the same rig as last year, because it did produce plenty of fish and with this particular water, wading through the smaller fish seemed to be the way forward.

The rig of choice was the naked chod rig, which was set up on Kontour main line, being a weedy lake, this will help the line settle over the top and keep it pinned down. Then, I opted to use the No-Trace Naked Chod system; in my eyes it’s the safest helicopter setup out there. Down to the business end, it was made up with 20lb Mouth Trap, to a size-6 Choddy hook. Hook bait wise, a Cell pop-up over the top of Cell free offerings was the winning combination.

I arrived at the lake around 6am on the 15th June, the day before the lake re-opened. I opted for a swim known as The Humps, which is down the west end of the lake. Lots of fish were present and things were looking very promising.
With the lake still being closed, we chilled out for the day and had a nice BBQ with all the lads, around 8pm we were given the all clear to get the rods out. Jay was away first with a nice double, and then I followed it up with a nice 21lb mirror.
The night passed uneventfully, apart from a few liners. It wasn’t till 7am the following morning when the middle rod signaled a bite, which immediately weeded me up. I tried all the tricks in the book to free it, but being patient was the key. So, I left the rod on the rest for around 10-minutes or so, and then gave it one last haul and suddenly with a kick of his tail, he was out.

The battle was really slow and dogged, once it came in close, Jay went down with the net and after seeing it roll, he told me, “Take it easy.” Finally, its nose touched the spreader block and we let out the old Bulldozer cry and she was mine. In the net she looked big and was as black as your hat. On the scales she went 44lb 1oz and looked absolutely amazing.

Thank you Bulldozer, I’m still buzzing now!