The Big Fish Off crew hits Thailand for season 2 finale...

Ali Hamidi and Dean Macey, along with champion boxer Mitchell Smith and TOWIE reality TV star Ricky Rayment, hit Thailand in search of monster fish recently – and also encountered venomous snakes!

Staying at legendary Thai resort Gillhams, located near Krabi, the two teams battled it out in the series finale over a series of challenges designed to sort the men from the boys. Fish of all sizes featured including some real monsters were banked as the show reached its exciting conclusion.

But the lads found a really dangerous monster when they ventured into Krabi to explore the local area, with a venomous cobra taking centre stage as the terrified teams took cover.

Thankfully, the cobra turned out to be a trained pet and even allowed Ali to pick it up, with the co-presenter thankfully surviving the encounter to land a huge 70lb Siamese carp during a break between filming.

The huge cyprinid fell to a solid bag filled with pellets and the soon-to-be-releaed Winterberry Goo mixed in with Mangonana Supreme along with a Tuna Goo’d hook bait. A size 2 Krank and short 30b Dark Matter hook link also landed a 50lb-plus Siamese.

Expected to be aired early in 2016 on ITV, the new series of The Big Fish Off follows the hit first season and features stars from the worlds of TV, sport and entertainment tackling a wide range of venues. Expect plenty of laughs, fish and banter along with triumph and tragedy as Team Ali battles Team Dean for victory in the hour-long shows.

Gillhams is the world’s premier angling destination with their stunning 12-acre main lake containing a selection of the world’s biggest and most spectacular fish species, including giant arapaima and Mekong catfish.

Opened in 2007, owner Stuart Gillham has created a paradise for travelling anglers at the national park-located resort, which offers luxury accommodation near the lake and every facility imaginable. It’s also family-friendly and located near lots of other attractions near Krabi.

Other species present include redtail catfish, rays of various types, Siamese carp, alligator gars, barramundi, big head carp, pacu and a myriad of other predators and carp species. There’s also a smaller lake containing the more modest-sized species such as Julian’s prize golden carp.

Check out www.gillhamsfishingresorts.com or call +66 (0) 8616 44554 to speak to Stuart and his team about a trip.

The Big Fish Off lads made the most of the local transport network on their trip to Thailand!

Camerman Mike Lavis also found time to fish between shoots, landing this big Siamese carp.