The Big Adventure - Bruno Medou

As I love an adventure, I decided to spend time on one of the big French rivers called the Rhône, along with a friend of mine recently. I will often fish 6 swims during my 5 nights on the river. Judging from my previous experiences, I know that if you don’t get a bite during the first 10 hours of fishing or you only land small carp, you will rarely find bigger ones, which is what I was targeting.
On every venue I go to, I will land commons between 15lb and 27lb, which are typical on this river. Very powerful fish indeed, which granted me the opportunity to test my tackle and which gave me lots of pleasure. What a delight!
We had only 3 nights left and we were heading for a lake in the centre of France. For the first 48 hours, we admired the fish jumping and enjoying the sunrays at the other end of the lake in the snags. We would catch fish every night, but for some reason only between midnight and 6am. After this time, the fish would go back to their shelter, which was totally unfishable. I still decided to try my luck using a technique I love because of the sensation and pleasure that it brings – stalking!
I was off with only one rod and a landing net to the other end of the lake hiking through a thick, wooded forest.
Having walked for 20 minutes, I finally realised that the area was full of snags and that only a 7 to 8 metre corridor wide from the bank was possibly fishable. It was very shallow and I was worried to spook the fish with the impact of the lead hitting the water, so made some changes.
Consequently, I decided to take off the lead and the leader, replacing with a 1-in PVA stick – just enough weight. I cast four yards from the bank in front of me and spread two handfuls of pellets over the top. I made sure to step back a few yards and to fish a slack line. Ten minutes later the fish were feeding on my spot. I would soon get a take and landed a massive common! I was over the moon and super excited by the way I actually caught it.
This area was now history, considering the mess and disturbance this fish had caused. I decided to walk to the very end of the bay where there seemed to be some more fish.
Same approach, same setting up and same story except that it looked like I had caught the grandmother of the previous fish!! It was a massive common this time and I was almost in a coma.
My friend came up to take pics of this magic moment with my Nikon and we headed back to our swim for the last night’s fishing.
That night would also grant us with two beautiful fish both caught between midnight and 6pm yet again. A little mirror I will nickname “golden nugget” and her older sister, a perfect linear!!!
Once more, Mother Nature has been very generous to us and I thank her for this. Good luck for the spring.

Bruno Medou (France)