The Auntie Albert Fish - Daniel Fellows

I arrived at my linear syndicate water on Monday afternoon. It’s a complex that I’ve been putting quite some time into recently and with two remaining targets to catch, I just can’t keep away! I got to work trying to find the fish, which didn’t too take long, thankfully. It was a scorching hot day, so the fish were cruising around in the upper layers but they didn’t look very interested in feeding in the slightest.

After fishing off the barrow for the day, I decided to pitch up for the night in the Double Swim, knowing a friend would soon be down, so a social was the order of the day.

After having a lead around, I found the tiniest of gravel patches at around 80-yards range. Not wanting to cause too much disturbance, I scattered a small amount of 18mm Urban Baits Nut Cracker around the area. The other two rods I opted to put out on zigs as the fish were still moving around the upper layers.

After receiving a few heavy liners, I knew the fish were in the area. So, as the evening drew ever closer, I decided to put all rods on the bottom for the night ahead. I’ve fished this swim before so I knew the areas I needed to target. I found the silt pockets, which had produced the goods for me on a previous trip. Short Chod rigs were my rigs of choice, something in which I have 100% confidence in and has helped me to catch some of the jewels in the lake.

The traps were set and after sitting watching the water all day, dark fell and I was just left lying there listening to the fish bosh out like pigs falling from the sky.

Finally, I received a steady take, but even though the clutch was tight, it still pulled line off. After a few strong surges, and despite my hardest efforts, it still found its way into a weed bed. I put steady pressure on the rod and it slowly came free. Once it came free it was just a dead weight and after a few big lunges, she was finally mine.

Ben held her in the net as I started removing the weed from around it. A huge mirror appeared as I started pealing the weed away. At this point I knew it must have been one of my target fish, as they both look the same, almost leather with very few scales. Only a little red dot could tell them apart, that’s when I knew it was the Auntie Albert. Once we got the scales sorted, it pulled them round to 40lb on the nose.

Over the next 24-hours nothing happened at all. It was way too hot and the carp just weren’t playing ball. I decided to head over to a different lake and try my luck there as I’ve been baiting a few spots in the margins. With the weather forecast to remain bright and sunny, I felt that this was my best chance of getting a bite.

The next day, my plans all came together. I managed multiple fish to over 30lb. With the rising temperatures, I caught all my fish literally under my rod tips and the other tight to a weed bed. Rig wise, because the spot isn’t clear, I decided to stick with Naked Chod rigs, this resulted in a triple take on my final morning, which was a great way to finish a memorable session!