Ten Carp in Five Nights Fishing for Dan Bruton!

A ticket that I’d been after for a while luckily came up this year and I love that new water buzz. It started on the 1st of May so I thought it’d be rude to not go down on that very first day for recce trip.

I’ve always found it to be a good idea to learn as much as possible about a new lake in the shortest amount of time. That way, when opportunities present themselves I can act quickly knowing what I’m fishing over and what the depths are, so I spent a good few hours walking and marking.

I’d seen a group of fish on the surface and tracked their movements and circuits, which enabled me to place rods in the hope that on their travels they’d come across my traps. It worked beautifully and I caught a couple of fish that first night including a 30lb plus mirror. I certainly couldn’t grumble at that!

Dan opted for his go-to pop-up rig, the multi rig, with a size-six Choddy.

He constructed the rig from N-Trap Soft, a rugged, reliable coated braid.

My next trip came the following week and having had bites very early in the morning, I thought it’d be wise to get there before first light and set the rods ready. I couldn’t believe my luck when, after 10 minutes, I had a beast of a liner then a ripping take resulting in another 30lb mirror and a fish that hadn’t been on the back for eight months! Whilst getting the photo kit ready the other rod burst in to life and produced a stunning scaley upper twenty, which was on my target list. For the rest of the day I spent walking the lake and decided on a peg to settle into for the night and the following morning I had two more fish. It really was dream start and the next couple of trips went the same way resulting in a further four carp.

In five nights angling over the course of a month I’d been fortunate enough to grab 10 bites and land all of them. So far, I’ve not managed to get back for another go but after the yearly spawning rituals are out the way I’ll be buzzing to get back there.

As always, fish came to Trent baits Freshwater Shrimp boilies and assortments of particle and bright hook baits. Multi rigs constructed using 30lb N-Trap Soft, Size 6 Choddy hooks, moving up to Quick Release lead Clips and a foot of Dark Matter Tubing produced all the fish. Main line is always one of the most important aspects for me personally and whenever I can, I use Kontour. It always ensures that fish can move into areas I’m fishing freely with lines pinned down and it’s virtually impossible to detect or see.

Be Lucky