Team Korda to descend on Gigantica

Team Korda will be off on their much anticipated, annual Gigantica trip in two weeks hoping to get amongst the beasts that reside within the French venue. Fishing both Main and Road Lake, the team will be spending a week in France, courtesy of the gaffer, Danny Fairbrass who will be hoping to land a few himself.

With the road trip only around the corner, the boys have been preparing by keeping track of the catch reports finding out what tactics are working well and what swims are in form, tying rigs and stocking up on the bait hoping to land a few biggens.

Holding carp to over 80lb in the main lake, the boys will be adjusting their baiting and rigs to hopefully land carp much larger than their English cousins. The question on everyone’s lips, “will the big girl Fudgy’s make her second appearance this year?”

The boys will be up rating their rig components with bigger hooks and stronger hook links with size four Kranks certainly in use to hang onto these French monsters says Korda employee Jon Sissons. Neil Raison will be testing a new prototype fluorocarbon hook link, which offers great anti-tangle properties and can also be crimped. Jay Willis will be using his ever-reliable hinge stiff rigs with pop-ups, hoping he can land a whacker.

Plenty of bait will also be a must! Gigantica veteran Rob Willingham will be taking a mixture of boilies and tiger nuts in his armory. The Goo will of course be making an appearance. Goo super fan Neil Spooner is unable to attend this year’s jolly due to family commitments so he’s booked a lake exclusive party for him and his chums two weeks prior to the Korda trip. We’re all a little nervous he’ll have all the fun but with so many ‘fish of a life time’ Spoons will be hoping to tempt one of the A-team with his Pineapple Supreme Goo infused tiger nut hook baits.

Previous years have seen James Turner landing the much sort after Target at over 60lb, named as its Danny’s number one target fish. Danny did manage to get up and close with his target fish whilst photographing it for the jubilant Mr Turner. Other historic work trip captures included Jake Wildbore landing The Immaculate, Jon Sissons catching Brutus another over 60lb, Neil Spoons having Mad Max and Tom Dove landing Cut Tail at 57lb 13oz.

The team will also be fishing Gigantica’s Road Lake hoping to land numbers of fish. The fish weight gains on the Road Lake have been just as impressive as the main lake. The influx of fish over the last couple of years has really pushed the Road Lake into the limelight. Stocked fish at 30lb+ are all starting to push through the 40lb barrier.

Tactics and rig choices on the Road Lake benefit from the absence of weed ensuring that simple, well constructed rigs score well. The action can be relentless at times and the 5pm dinner bell is often seen as carp fishing’s equivalent of half time. Fuelled up and rested, the lads will return for the evening’s onslaught. All of the lads fishing the Road Lake are hoping for a good hit of fish with a few forties thrown in.

The entire trip is being filmed for the Korda website so keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks.

Team Korda