Team Korda reveal their 2015 highlights!


There have been plenty of highs for me over the year in the match scene and in my general fishing, including catching my target fish in the winter months. Without doubt my biggest highlight of this year has to be winning a tem gold medal whilst fishing in the FIPPS World Championships, held in Spain on the river Ebro. Having the honour to fish for my country is a massive achievement on its own, but we went one step further this year and got the result we have been waiting for and we brought the team gold medal home to English soil.

All eight of us fished under the management of Rob Hughes and assistant manager Graham Mabey, catching fish to 46lb during the match. We finished the 72-hour match with a second, a third and a fourth in the three sections for a total of nine points - enough for gold medal position. Singing the national anthem on stage with a well-earned gold medal around my neck with the rest of the England carp team is a memory that will stay with me forever, and is by far the best achievement in my angling career.


My highlight for 2015 has to be catching my 11th fish of the season over 35lb from the notorious and deep Bundy’s Pit. After being invited onto the summer ticket by Ben, the owner, this year I dabbled but only returned three weeks ago. Deep water come into their own at that this time of the year and now was the best to take advantage of this.

I settled on fishing in 42ft of water with the spots dripping in clay, perfect for a bait in the pit. After settling and a bit unsure if I've got it right, typical of me, the left hand rod busted off resulting in a 27lb common. Nice result I thought and got the rod back out ASAP. After lifting my confidence I realized what I was doing does work. With a full moon I was sure of another bite and around 6.30pm the middle indicator was wedged into the blank.

Taking it careful down the steps, the fish instantly took line once I’d picked the rod up. This was a hairy battle in such deep water - I've never experienced one like it. Slowly the fish hit the surface and was coming in - it wallowed in the moon light on the still lake and I stretched out with the net - she was mine.

In my excitement I nearly fell in - I've got a habit of being a bit clumsy at the moment, like falling over my rods, but that's another story. Grabbing Mike and Lee, we sorted the pics out - cheers boys. At 35lb 4oz I was made up. Wetting my appetite for the winter or whatever the season is at the moment with this weather good luck to you all for 2016.


This year has been an absolutely outstanding year for me personally; I achieved brand new personnel best in both mirror and common carp from Europe and also started here at Korda in July. What more could happen except maybe choosing all of the balls for the National Lottery?

My first PB mirror was broken at Moorlands Fsheries in France in the shape of Minty at 61lb 11oz after a truly difficult week, which resulted in just one run and one fish. But what a fish and need I say more.

My second PB common was broken twice this year and both from Gigantica – Road Lake, once in July and then again in Sep on the works trip. What made it even more fantastic was that I had sat on 39lb 15oz for nearly ten years, hitting that figure three times. But now this year I had a 42lb 6oz and then a 46lb 10oz to show off.

Although I haven’t been able to fish every time I’ve been in France this year, I have managed more weeks this year than any other so I have no complaints at all, thank you to my wife for allowing me to go.

I also started working at Korda Developments at the end of June and what a fantastic and fast first six months it’s been. To have a job within your hobby is truly fantastic and I am now one of those very fortunate people who can’t wait to go to work on a Monday morning.


It’s tough to pick one highlight from this year – I could choose any from Fishing Gurus filming trips to Ireland and Wales, a week in Cornwall with the Guru lads and the Korda social on the Road Lake in September. That week in France comes in a close second as it was a great few days with tons of fish caught and plenty of beers consumed with my colleagues. Gigantica’s sister venue is getting better and better.

But my overall highlight has to be a double-header France trip over the course of a couple of weeks back in June. Fishing a friend’s new water, Etang 52, I had the lake to myself and made the most of it with a dozen bites in three days without fishing too hard. A road trip south to a friend’s wedding took up a few more days and I arrived back at the lake on my way home, refreshed and ready to give it a proper go.

The next three days were pretty sleepless as numerous 20s and 30s kept me busy, along with a running battle with a giant coypu resulting in a tense face-off one dawn after it kept me from my bed yet again by swimming over my lines. Those things have some serious balls. Aside from that, I couldn’t have wished for a better few day’s angling on a beautiful big pit (I even matched an ancient original - what a creature) and I also found some great stretches of the River Seine to tackle when myself and a friend return in May – maybe a big French river carp will be my 2016 highlight?