Take A Friend Fishing 2016 kicks off at the end of March!

If you have any friends or family that you think might fancy trying angling for the first time, then here is your chance to get them involved!

The ‘Take A Friend Fishing’ campaign has been successfully running for a number of years, and is designed to help get more people into our sport at a time when the number of anglers has been on the decline.

There is plenty of interest in angling at the moment, with a number of fishing shows appearing on TV currently, and more due soon – including the eagerly awaited second series of The Big Fish Off, that is coming to ITV in April. This month Sky will also be showing the Korda British Young Carpers’ Angling Championships 2015, plus Carp Academy 2015, which first screen on Sky Sports on Wednesday March 16 and March 23 respectively, and are great examples of what the sport has to offer youngsters.

TAFF is the perfect chance to give someone their first taste of angling as they can get a free one-day Environment Agency rod licence, worth £3.75, plus there are plenty of venues that have signed up to the scheme and are offering a free day fishing, as long as the novice angler is accompanied by someone experienced.

Former England and Arsenal goalkeeper David Seaman MBE, who appeared in the first series of The Big Fish Off and is a very keen angler, enthused: “I’ve always loved fishing as a way of relaxing and also getting close to nature.

“It’s always good to take someone with you, especially someone who hasn’t fished before as we need to get more people into our sport. The TAFF campaign gives us the chance to show them why we spend so much time on the bank ourselves!”

The campaign has expanded and now offers a variety of different dates throughout the year when you can take advantage of it. The first of which kicks off on March 25 and ends at midnight on April 3 – then again from June 18 to 26, and October 22 to 30.

To get your free one day rod licence simply go to: www.takeafriendfishing.co.uk The site will also soon feature a comprehensive list of the fisheries and clubs around the country that are taking part in the scheme and where you can take your friend for their first angling experience.