Tackling small weedy waters...

This year has been a tough one. Trying to find time to fish has proved to be quite the challenge. Studying for college had to take priority, obviously, but I was pleased to be finish for the year thus freeing myself up for some much needed time on the bank. The plan now is to tackle a great little low stocked and pressured water not far from home over the next few months.

My first trip began at the Old Pit on the Monday afternoon. The weather was great and the pressure was low - perfect conditions! I had a good look round and spoke to a few anglers who said they had been there for a few nights and nothing had been caught! All of the anglers were fishing towards the middle of the lake. Instinctively, I headed straight for the lake assuming the corners must see very little pressure.

I walked up a little further towards the out of bounds area and I was astonished by the amount of fish that were in the snags and little clear areas. Rubbing my hands together I raced back to the car full of excitement! I flicked out a couple of chods with Mainline Pineapple Juice pop-ups tied on towards a row of trees where I had seen fish.

I was planning to do a 24hr session on the new venue and I must say it went far better than I was expecting. At 3am the next morning, whilst scanning the lake for fish and eagerly awaiting the kettle to boil, the alarm signaled a bite.

I was playing a fish in thick, weedy conditions at 3:30am. A real challenge for even the most seasoned veteran. I eventually ended up scooping, amongst a lot the weed, a mid double mirror. A great start to my first trip.

The success filled me with confidence. Home time came later that afternoon with no further action but by then I was already planning my next trip.

When the next opportunity presented itself for a quick over nighter I made my way up to the Weedy Pit for about 6pm. When I arrived I completed a few laps of the lake and found the fish about 30 yards out. By flicking out small chod rigs with high visual hook baits again, I was confident of more action throughout the night.

Despite the confidence, it was a fishless night. To make things worse it included one of the heaviest storms I’ve ever encountered on the bank! The heavy rain surmounted in a huge deluge of mud dumped from the sounding bank clouding the water to a chocolate brown.

It was clear that some tactical changes were in order. I changed the chods to small, oily solid bags on both rods thus removing the visual element of the trap and replacing it with scent attractors to try and pull the fish down to feed.

I was fishing this with a drop off style lead system thus enabling me to navigate any hooked fish back through the thick weed. The rig was tied using 5 inches of supple 18lb supernatural, Size 6 Kurv and a piece of yellow, plastic slow-sinking corn.

The mix was made on the bank using ingredients that are oily and full of goodness to enable the carp to pin point my trap in the clouded water. I was using the hybrid ground bait Spod and PVA pellet mix and a tin of tuna and salmon for their oil content. Although it prolongs the breakdown time of the PVA I was experimenting by spraying oil on them just before casting to try and create a sent column.

With time ebbing away the two solid bags were cast towards holes in the weed where I had seen fish frequenting. Certain areas of the lake that contained numbers of fish are just unfishable and at times can be very frustrating just watching them from a distance.

After the horrendous change in conditions I think the odds were really against me and I was unable to prize one of the scaly creates from their watery home. Before I left a managed a couple of laps to see if I could salvage some learning’s from this trip but with poor visibility throughout I just couldn't see them anywhere.

I’m unsure how long it will be until I unlock the code to this tricky little venue but that’s the draw of it. I am, of course, very much looking forward to getting back down the pit before I go back to college for another year.

Until next time! Tyler Oflynn