Sweetman's Autumn Harvest

Scott Sweetman has built a reputation for catching well, from tricky waters with limited time.

Despite only fishing one night in the last two months, he managed to get straight back among the fish, on a tricky Berkshire club water.

Scott put his faith in the size-four Choddy hook.

He opted to fish helicopter rigs with the Heli-Safe bead.

His last session, some two months ago, resulted in one of the old, sought-after residents of the pit, called The Leney, at 28lb 4oz. The great old fish came on Scott’s return to the lake, after fishing elsewhere for a few years.

He wasted no time in getting back amongst the captures, banking a cracking 36lb 6oz mirror, called Cluster, on his most recent weekend visit.

Both of Scott’s recent fish were banked using 15lb Touchdown main line, Kable leadore leaders, set-up helicopter style with the Heli-Safe system. His rigs were hinged stiff presentations, made with 15lb N-Trap Soft boom sections and 25lb Mouth Trap hook section, tied to a size-four Choddy hook.

He tripped Cluster up on an area 40 yards out, over a kilo of 20mm Krill boilies.