Superb four fish haul for Simon Kenny!

Simon Kenny certainly seems to have the knack of catching from the Essex Manor, with his latest session producing a four fish catch.

That was topped by yet another one of the big ‘uns, a mirror known as Hank at 40lb 4oz, and all of his other fish topped the 30lb mark, to make it a very memorable trip for Simon!

Simon revealed: “I arrived at the lake to find a lot of fish showing at one end of it, right on the end of a cold northerly wind. Luckily the swim that I fancied was being vacated so it was game on!

“This swim commands an area of shallower water and with the forecast being for high pressure and sunny spells it seemed like the ideal choice, especially as I already know it quite well and soon had the rods out and the kettle on.

“I’d opted for the new Sticky Baits Signature Squid hookbaits which I fished over a large scattering of Krill boilies. My rigs were the ever-reliable Elliott Gray style combi hinge rig, which I tie using 25lb N-Trap Soft and 25lb Mouthtrap to a size 4 Choddy hook, and I fish it in conjunction with a Hybrid lead clip to ensure that the lead drops off on the take.

“I had heard numerous fish crashing around during the night, and at first light one of the rods pulled tight and after a decent battle one of the old guard was in the net, a fish known as the Bulldog at 33lb 12oz.

“Later the same day I got another chance and this one felt a lot heavier during the fight and turned out to be a lovely old carp called Hank which weighed 40lb 4oz.

“The next night was similar to the previous one in that I heard numerous fish showing but had to wait until first light for my next chance, and soon a 37lb 8oz mirror was sulking in the net.

“My fourth and final bite of the trip came in the afternoon and turned out to be a lovely scaly mirror of 32lb. The last night passed very quietly and it was obvious that they had done the off, but I didn’t mind as I was more than happy with what I had caught!”