Summer Top Tips - Team Korda

1. Carry Polaroids

Polaroid sunglasses are one of the most effective pieces of kit you can own, especially when it comes to fish spotting. The polarised filters in the lenses allow you to see beneath the surface, whithout them the glare of the lakes surface will generally hinder your sight. These glasses eliminate the problem, widening the realms of what we, as anglers, are able to see.

2. Try The Float

Forgotten by many a carp angler, float fishing is a very effective method, especially once it’s warmed up and the carp are using the margins. It’s a great way to angle and puts you back in touch with how it all began. Catching carp on the float is one the most exciting ways of catching them and is something everyone should try from time to time.

3. Particle Fishing

Once the fish have spawned particle fishing can be extremely effective, they seem to go wild for it. Introducing large beds of these tiny little seeds can spur the fish into a feeding frenzy and multiple catches can be achieved with some regularity if you can get it right.

4. Spread Some Boilies

A wide spread of boilies is great way of intercepting fish on the move. The summer sees the carp venturing into every corner of the lake and as those fish glide merrily along route, passing the boilies as they travel, they will often stop to feed, or at least return later on in order to feed. Before long you have several fish grazing in the general area of your hook baits and in turn action should develop.

5. Pre-baiting

Pre-baiting is a tactic that will serve you well during every month of the year but when carp are at their most active, pre-baiting can be at its most productive. By wandering around the lake a baiting several spots you can create opportunities all over the place and bouncing between areas can see your catch rate go through the roof.

6. Try Solid Bags

The weed in many venues will be at it’s most prominent stage of growth once we reach the summer and the carp will spend a lot of time held up within the confines of it all. Solid bags allow you to present a bait where no other rig does, right amongst the green stuff, and right amongst the carp. It must be done safely though.

7. Boost Your Boilies

The warmer water of the summer months allows us benefit from things such as fish oils. The carp absolutely love them and boosting your boilies with additives such as Mainline’s FOS Oil will add a whole new dimension of attraction to those already appealing boilies. This often results in more carp on the bank.

8. Get On The GOO

The GOO has transformed the fishing for many anglers such as Ali Hamidi, it really is absolutely devastating stuff. The warmer water temperatures allow it to really work its magic and whilst the carp are at their most active too – a very effective combination of factors. Those sensationally pleasing attractors certainly come into their own during the summer months.