Summer Product Launch!

This is an exciting week for all at Korda, as we’re busily despatching brand-new products to your local shops! Right now, tackle dealers the length and breadth of the UK are stocking their shelves with SUBbraid and the ultra-convenient Krank Ready Rigs, ready to help you catch carp this weekend.

The SUBbraid has been attracting plenty of attention with anglers like Elliott Gray and James Turner changing over to this fast-sinking braid from their normal mono choices. It sinks like the proverbial brick, and the SUB-green finish, it’ll become the go-to braided main line for the serious carp angler. The ‘feel’ that the SUBbraid transmits back from the lake bed means that, on occasions, you’ll be able to leave the marker rod at home! At the very least, SUBbraid allows precision positioning of the end tackle – right over the bait. You’ll find 15lb and 20lb versions on the shelves this week, so make sure you check it out!

The Krank Ready Rigs were spawned from Tom Dove’s personal fishing over the last few years and each rig has been tied to his own exacting specifications, right down to the amount of coating to be stripped back. The rigs are tied with the new Kamo coated braid which has been extremely popular since launch. For ultimate versatility, we’ve launched barbed and barbless versions in sizes ten up to two. The packs are supplied with Extenda Stops for convenience.

We’re sure you’ll love the new bits, and there’s more to come, so keep an eye on the website for updates!