What must surely be the most hotly anticipated product in Korda history is now in shops! Yep, that’s right ¬– the Stow bobbins are here! There’s a real feeling of excitement around Korda HQ as the Stows look set to take their place as one of the most popular Korda products of all time!
If you’ve been on another planet for the last few weeks then we’d better explain what all the fuss is about. The concept behind our new bobbins was the brainchild of Carl Pashley, a secretive and hugely successful angler. His bobbins boasted the best compromise between slack line fishing and ultimate sensitivity. There have been versions of his original indicators floating around for a number of years now; indeed, our own Damian Clarke is a long-term fan.
When Damian decided to launch our own version of Carl’s indicator, it was thought only right and proper to contact the man himself, through the correct channels. So, as opposed to all the other ‘Elstow’ bobbins on the market, ours come with the seal of approval from the originator.
Damian went on to tweak the design and produce a slick set of indicators and accessories that are a credit to both him and Carl’s concept. Whether you’re fishing at range with tight lines or close in with fluorocarbon, the Stows will prove invaluable. It’s slack lining that really allows the Stows to rise above the rest of the field though, because their specially-configured line clip traps your main line, transmitting every indication. Of course, they look cool too, and you can get a set to match your alarms because they come in six different colours.
For more information on the Stow accessories, Stowaway Cases, Magnetic Stow Stix etc visit the Bobbins section on this very site. Which colour will you choose?