Steven Bertram smashes his PB with the Gurm!

Steven Bertram joined his son Elliot at Fryerning Fisheries Main Lake for a four-day session to celebrate Father’s Day, and it turned out to be the trip of a lifetime when he landed the big mirror known as the Gurm at 48lb 4oz!

They enjoyed some great sport between them, with Elliot banking a 35lb 3oz mirror known as the Pretty One, plus another of 31lb 13oz, and Steven also landed his first ever grass carp at 36lb 14oz.

Elliot explained: “My dad booked some time off work so we could go fishing together as ~I’d just finished my second year exams at university. We arrived at the lake on the Sunday morning, and with a westerly wind blowing it looked prime for my favourite swim, the Royal Box. Someone was already in there but was going later and as it was a double swim we decided to move in after him.

“In the meantime, we went to the southern bay and flicked some singles out to where we saw fish show, with my dad going in a swim called the Steps. A couple of hours later he had his first carp from the Main Lake, an immaculate 26lb 4oz common.

“That was followed by a couple of small ones, and he decided to stay in the Steps whilst I moved round to the Royal Box, a decision that he wouldn’t regret! By the time I got my rods out he’d had a couple more and I was beginning to wonder if I was on the wrong side of the lake, but my mind was put to rest when I saw a big ‘un stick its head out 60 yards out in front of me. At 2.30am I had a slow take and after a back-breaking battle I slid the net under a 31lb 13oz mirror, and after a few photos I slipped her back and got the rod back out.

“The next day was quiet, but at dusk I could see my dad doing battle on the far bank with what could only be a good fish, judging by the bend of the rod and how long he had it on for. Finally, he got it in the net and I waited for my phone to ring, and he told me that it might be a forty.

“I wound in and ran round, and as soon I peered into the net I could see it was a beast, and looking at its flank I recognised the distinctive scaling and two-tone colouration of the Gurm. On the scales she went 48lb 4oz and smashed his PB and was also his first forty!

“It was dark by the time I got my rods back out, but at 2.30am I had a take and after a slow and heavy fight I netted a big scaly mirror called the Pretty One, which weighed 35lb 3oz and I was over-the-moon to have caught her, having photographed her for a couple of other anglers.

“Whilst I was catching up on some sleep the next morning, my dad had his first ever grass carp at 36lb 14oz, along with five small carp. The rest of the day and night was quiet, but on the final morning I struggled to keep a rod in the water as shoal of small carp moved through, and dad had a beautiful 26lb 7oz linear to end his red letter session with 17 fish. He put his success down to the lucky top that my brother and I gave him for Father’s Day!”

Steven tempted all of his fish on Mainline Cell boilies fished on IQ D-rigs with size 6 Kurv Shank hooks with Dark Matter Hybrid lead clip leaders. Elliot’s success came on Sticky Baits Krill boilies fished on a size 6 Wide Gape hook to 20lb N-Trap Soft, and he also used the same lead set-up.