Steve Cliff takes Linear apart on new rig and bait!

Steve ‘Apache’ Cliff has enjoyed a superb winter on Linear Fisheries. He has opted to fish the venue to firstly test out a rig he has been playing around with, secondly to test the Manilla boilies and thirdly, get a bit of homework in before he begins his tuitions on the complex.
“I have been mucking around with a rig for a year or so now. It basically has evolved in that time and I have finally got it sorted. It incorporates either a size 4 Krank or Kurve pattern hook and is an aggressive pop-up rig.
I don’t want to go in to too much detail as the rig will be covered in the May issue of Total Carp, but for me it is the ultimate pop-up rig for fishing on a clean bottom.

“The bait has been unreal and has got to the point where I fish with just boilies, which is something that I never thought I would hear myself say. This bait is instant and if the fish have came over me, I have had numerous three rod bust ups.”
Steve has had over 100 carp to over 35lb from Brasenose, fish to over 35lb from Oxlease and most recently, a couple of stunning twenties during a single night on St John’s.
For more information on how he has been so successful, check out the May issue of Total Carp.