Steve 'Apache' Cliff launches a guiding service!

Steve ‘Apache’ Cliff is an expert when it comes to catching fish from the Linear Fisheries complex, and he is now passing on some of his knowledge to other anglers via his guiding/tutorial service.

One of the first people to benefit was an existing member of the Guys Lakes syndicate, Terry Sentance, who had been carp fishing for many years but was looking to expand his knowledge and try some different approaches, and Steve was on hand to help him have a session to remember on Brasenose One!

Steve revealed: “After having a chat about what he would like to cover on the tutorial we agreed that Brasenose would be most suitable. He was used to fishing boilies with all of his rods on different spots and fishing on different rigs, so he wanted to see how I fish with all three of mine on a tightly baited spot.

“We arrived for 24 hours and after a bit of marker work we settled on a clear spot each to fish at 60 yards range where we had seen fish activity. After each fish we topped up with a couple of spods of hemp, pellet and broken Sticky Baits boilies, and during the session he landed ten carp to 25lb 13oz.

“He had also wanted to see what rigs I used, as he’d been having trouble with his hook-to-land ratio and once I’d shown him what was suitable for fishing over various different types of bottom, he landed everything that he hooked during our session!

“We caught using a wafter hookbait fished on an old faithful slip D rig constructed from 20lb Dark Matter braid and size 4 Kurv Shank hooks, with lead clips and Dark Matter tubing – simple but effective!

“The aim of my tutorials is simply to help people catch carp, and the smile on his face made it all worthwhile for me,” added Steve, who added carp to 26lb himself.

If anyone is interested in booking a session with Steve, they should call: 07876 711601. Or email: steve.apache.cliff@gmail.com