Staggering haul of huge Siamese carp for Dean Macey!

Dean Macey has just enjoyed an amazing trip to Gillhams Fishing Resorts, in Thailand, landing a staggering fifteen Siamese carp over 100lb!

The Big Fish Off presenter and Guru consultant travelled to the famous holiday complex, near Krabi, and his latest trip was the culmination of an ambition which dates right back to his childhood.

Over the space of ten days, Dean landed 42 Siamese carp in total, including monsters of 122lb, 120lb, 119lb, 118lb, 116lb, 116lb and 115lb, plus eight others of between 100lb and 110lb, along with quite a few more that topped 90lb.

Dean revealed: “I couldn’t have been much older than ten when I first saw a photo of a giant Siamese carp in a newspaper. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, it looked huge but incredibly beautiful at the same time. Ever since that day I had a burning passion to catch one, and I remember that it had such an effect on me that I actually did a school project on them – probably the only piece of homework I ever completed!

“Many years later at the end of 2008 Gillhams Fishing Resorts came to my attention and it was the first venue that I fancied travelling 6,000 miles to fish. The venue was still in its infancy, but I caught 19 Siamese up to 50lb and will never forget the moment when I hooked my first one and thought that I was attached to a monster, only for a 25-pounder to eventually pop up!

“I returned for another trip in 2012 and in the meantime the carp had really gotten their heads down on the pellet that was being introduced and had piled on the weight, and I ended up catching them to 108lb, a fish that I thought that I would struggle to beat.

“On my latest trip I had ten days ahead of me and got off to a great start with fish of 85lb and 90lb, which was enough to prove to me that the spots were being visited and that my rigs, bait and method was working.

“I did the same on the second day and was rewarded with five fish to 90lb, which I was over-the-moon with as the lake is very much a ‘big fish’ venue and I always think that two bites a day is good going. It was much the same on the third day with another five carp to 97lb, plus a bonus Mekong catfish of 160lb.

“Then on day four the big girls turned up and I landed specimens of 96lb, 97lb, 109lb and 118lb, which had me skipping up and down the bank! The next couple of days had me wondering whether I should have bought a lottery ticket as I landed twelve fish in total – 122lb, 115lb, 100lb, 99lb 8oz, 60lb and 35lb, then the next day I had ones of 109lb, 103lb, 103lb, 101lb, 85lb and 35lb.

“I was thinking that it just had to slow down, but the big fish just kept on coming, and even when I moved swim for a day to try and catch a Jullien’s golden carp – which I managed with my first ever of the species – I still ended up catching a Siamese of 116lb!

“When the last day dawned and I sat watching the mist roll across the surface as monsters of all species put on the sort of show that you only get at Gillhams, I had to pinch myself to make sure that it had all been real.

“I’ve said it a hundred times before, and I’ll probably say it another hundred times – Gillhams Fishing Resorts is quite simply the best big fish venue on the planet!”

All of Dean’s fish fell to Mainline pop-ups – a variety of flavours including Cell, Milky Toffee and Pineapple Juice - fished in large Solidz PVA bags full of 8mm pellets from the fishery. He caught just using PVA bags on the first day – doubling them up to ensure that they hit the bottom intact due to the depth and warmth of the water – so persisted with the method, recasting regularly.

Successful tackle included a size 2 Wide Gape B hook to 50lb Kamo coated braid with 4oz inline Distance leads fitted with Shockleader Sleeves and Dark Matter tubing, and a Safe Zone Flying Back Lead completed his set-up.

For more information on the fishery and how to book a trip, check out: http://www.gillhamsfishingresorts.com