Staffordshire Record - Lee Buckley

We all dream about catching a 40lb common, especially in the winter. Well, Lee Buckley has done exactly that, catching arguably one of the best-looking, day-ticket common in the British Isles.

“I arrived at the lake on Boxing Day, so it was no surprise that the lake was quiet, giving me a good choice of swim. So, I opted to fish in the in-form swim, peg 15. The fish have been holding up in this area through winter, so that’s the perfect starting point.

I found a clear area around 70 yards out and deposited three Spombs of maggots, casters and crushed Pro-Active Pineapple boilies, from Mainline and finally glazed in Almond Goo to give it an extra boost.

After putting a small bed of bait out there, the weather took a turn for the worse and the wind really picked up. Sat in my bivvy through the hours of darkness, listening to the waves lapping into the bank, it really did feel good for a bite.

After a restless night’s sleep, I woke despondent after having no action through the night. I sat there and finally my left-hand rod was away. After a slow, sluggish fight, I finally scooped up my prize. At the time it felt like a blur, but when I got myself together and gazed into the bottom of my landing net, I realized how big it was.

I safely placed her into a retention sling and phoned a few of my mates to come and do the honors with some photos. We weighed her and it pulled the scales round to a staggering 46lb 8oz. What an incredible carp, thickset shoulders and scale-perfect, definitely a fish of a lifetime.

The session didn’t end there; whilst we were weighing her, my other rod was away. That resulted in another common, this time around it was slightly smaller at 20lb 4oz, but more than welcome.

Even after catching two fish in quick succession, it still felt right for a move to the other side. I could still fish the same spot, I just needed to retreat from the strong winds that increasingly picked up through the morning.

After moving around I topped the spot up with a few more Spombs and got the rods back out. Then it was time to sit back and reflect on a morning’s angling that I won’t forget in a hurry.

Just when I thought my session was over, I slowly started getting things together for a slow pack down, my rod over the bait rattled off again. It resulted in another common at 27lb 6oz, a nice way to finish off an unforgettable session.”