Spring Madness - Ian Bailey

Lets all be pleased to see the worst winter finally behind us in 30 years, with spring finally upon us it’s time to start on our target waters for the season.
I have had the craziest week in my carp fishing career lately resulting in a target 40 pounder backed up with two 30’s and two 20’s in and end of season three-night session which was one I will never forget. Out of respect of the lake and the syndicate rules I cannot publish these particular fish. Driving home on cloud nine I had two days off work then the start of the season on my syndicate that I have concentrated for the last two springs.
This time of the year everything is starting to wake up; the days are starting to get longer, buds are coming out on the tree’s and our quarry is starting to wake up and actively searching for food to build strength for spawning time.
With the carp in your lake looking for food it’s time to start establishing your chosen food bait but along with this it’s the time of year to have a selection of your chosen bright hook baits. We all these days own a tub or two of little bright pop-up’s and these really do give that extra edge - being used as a pop-up presentation or snowman - the key is the visual aspect.
Well, to cut a long story short, I went on a move after a few slow days and targeted some lovely looking snags which provided cover and sanctuary from the outside world. Before long, just using the one rod, I placed it tight to them and it went off almost immediately.
After a powerful fight under the tip I eventually slipped the net under a massive common. She went a monstrous 41lb on the nose – a new PB and a right result.
They’re feeding now, so get out there and do it!

Ian Bailey