Spoons Meets The Freak - Neil Spooner

Korda’s very own Neil Spooner recently took a trip to Gigantica in search of some whackers. Sure enough, he managed to get amongst them too!
Neil came out sixth in the draw and managed to get his sixth choice of swim, a peg known as Pole Position. The session produced just two fish but what fish they were; the highlight of the trip was a fish known as The Freak, which Neil banked on the first night of his trip. The fish put up a typical big-fish fight, slowly plodding around in the deep water. Soon enough though, it was secured in the net. At 53lb 12oz, Neil was ecstatic, what a way to start the session. During the seven-day stint Neil also banked a beautiful, unnamed 45lb common.
Spoons fished all three rods to a clear spot amongst some weed at 88 yards. He introduced four kilos of New Grange on a daily basis through out the week. He also topped up his swim after every bite. The Freak fell to a New Grange hook bait topped with a Cell pop-up soaked in a Goo that’s currently on test. The rig used to outwit The Freak consisted of a size-four barbless Kurv Shank in conjunction with seven inches of gravel-coloured Hybrid Stiff, crimped to a gravel Hybrid lead clip. Neil also used 20lb SUBline to keep his presentation concealed on the bottom. The unnamed 45lb common fell to a similar setup, featuring a size-six Kurv Shank and a 20mm hand-rolled, critically balanced, New Grange hook bait. This particular hooking arrangement has been responsible for many Gigantica captures and is one that Neil has always placed his faith in.
Spooner’s capture wasn’t the biggest of the week as one lucky angler managed to bag Single Scale at 67lb 12oz. Our very own Robert Willingham also slipped the net under a stunning 43lb 14oz known as Mr Chow. Neil was over the moon with his trip and he’s already got the go-ahead for another trip next year and as you can imagine, he can’t wait!