Spooner scoops Geezer's!

Korda’s Neil Spooner has smashed his PB with the capture of a 47lb mirror called Geezer’s from Cleverley Fisheries Top Lake in Essex, caught whilst filming for Carp TV.

Colchester-based Neil, head of sales at Korda, was on a short day session and had just moved to showing fish when he received the take from Geezer’s, just a few sessions into his campaign on the syndicate water. Neil's previous PB was 41lb 8oz.

The 34-year-old, who also banked a 20lb mirror for the cameras in the same session, said: “I started the day fishing in the teeth of the wind at the far end of the lake as it felt like the right area. I couldn’t have been more wrong as, after a couple of hours of watching, I spotted a carp show down the opposite end.

“I was fishing off the barrow, so I very quickly reeled in to move onto them and before long had three rigs in position, no more than 15 yards out from the bank. Two were cast at showing fish and, being unsure of the bottom, I kept with my favourite short chod rigs.

“The third was a slow sinking wafter hook bait and rig choice was a new prototype heavy-duty fluorocarbon hook link with a short, supple Supernatural section attached to the hook. Bait choice was simple; Mainline IB pop-ups and wafters, prepared with Pineapple Supreme Goo.

“The rigs had been in position for no more than 20 minutes when the middle rod pulled up tight and the battle commenced. The fish fought very doggedly and it was clear that it was a decent fish but I had no idea what I was attached to. It rolled a few times and in the clear, deep margins I could see that it was indeed a very large carp.

“Thankfully, after a little bit of a battle, she went safely into the folds of my landing net. Between Joe and myself we came to the very simple conclusion that it was the lake’s biggest resident! I was totally blown away.

“My time on this venue has been very limited and in fact I have only managed to fish it during the winter months. This was only my second fish landed but that’s fishing, I guess! There’s another fish in there called Scar that I would really like to catch too.

“I finished the day with another move onto showing fish and snuck out a beautiful 20lb mirror. All in all, a pretty good day’s work!”

Geezer’s is no stranger to Korda employees, having been caught by Rob Willingham in 2012 at 43lb 4oz and Elliott Gray in the winter of 2007.

For more information on Cleverley Fisheries, which boasts several waters and fisheries around the Essex region on various different season, day and syndicate tickets, go to www.cleverleyfisheries.co.uk or email Cleverleyfisheries@hotmail.com

Look out for the forthcoming show starring Neil and Geezer's on www.carp-tv.com in the next few weeks and the May 24th issue of Carp Talk magazine for the full story.