Spending time looking paid off for Marc Cavaciuti

Marc Cavaciuti got 2019 off to a great start when his first trip to his Grenville syndicate water, in Cambridgeshire, produced this 36lb 2oz mirror.

He arrived to find that it hadn’t produced a fish since New Year’s Day, so he decided that rather than just set up somewhere, he would keep looking until he saw signs of a carp, and eventually he was rewarded when he spotted a big one silently lifting out of the water.

Marc explained: “The lake was quiet so I could have pretty much fished any swim that I wanted to, but I decided to sacrifice the day and not fish until I saw a show – even if that meant setting up in the dark.

“I walked to the far end of the lake, to an area that was very weedy in the summer, and climbed up the watching tower. I’d fancied this area as having potential winter form as it had shallowish (for this lake) water of around 16ft close in and then a big drop-off at range.

“There was lots of birdlife in this quarter of the lake and it just felt good, plus I was hoping that some of the weed might still be there to give them some cover, warmth and food. As I started to climb down from the tower a big fish silently lifted out of the water behind a group of squabbling coots, and finding them had taken a lot less time than I had thought it would!

“Using the SLR braid I was able to investigate the rough area where the fish had shown, and quickly felt what seemed to be a good area on a slope behind the remnants of a large weedbed, at range, and I soon had three rods spread out over the spot.

“Even at this time of year these fish like their food and it was apparent that this area hadn’t been fished for a while, so I spodded out a kilo of chopped and crumbed Sticky Baits Krill boilies, which I scalded with boiling water before putting them out.

“The take came in the early hours of the morning and it immediately started to strip my spool as I looked down at it thinking that I was fishing at range with quite shallow spools. Thankfully it did eventually stop though, and after a long, heavy fight I was rewarded with a 36lb 2oz mirror.

“I felt sure that I’d get another bite and quickly got the rig back on the spot, but it wasn’t to be as a group of cygnets wiped out all three rods on two separate occasions, and as I had to go to work the next day I was unable to further capitalise on the situation. But I still left the lake very happy with what I’d caught!”

Successful tackle for Marc included a Peach and Pepper pop-up presented on a size 6 Kamakura Wide Gape hook to 18lb Dark Matter coated braid and fished in conjunction with a Hybrid lead clip and 12 inches of Dark Matter tubing, with Tapered SUBline main line.