Spanish Carping - Brett White

I’ve recently experienced a mega successful holiday in Spain.
I spent a week recently on the popular River Ebro at Mequinenza, during which I had a few carp fishing sessions. The weather was fine for the first couple of days and I managed to catch quite a few fish up to 35lb.
However, the rain came in with vengeance and for 3 days the river was pretty much unfishable, not only because of the floating weed being pushed through, but also because of the water temperature which dropped 4 degrees. This was purely down to the snowmelt, which had turned the fish off.
Once the water had started to fine down, the fish started showing again and I was soon back in the action. Hook holds are always a problem here because the fish have notoriously soft mouths. That, coupled with the fact that you have to incorporate heavy leads makes it even more difficult.
However, I was testing out the new Wide Gape X's and was more than pleased with the results. The carp were well hooked with no hook pulls at all.
These were fished on a running rig, incorporating a 4oz Korda Grippa, in conjunction with the Korda Run Rig Rubber. The next couple of days provided plenty of action with plenty more fish getting caught and I eventually ended up with eight 30's with 5 being over 35lb. The biggest went 38lb 8oz, in fact on the last evening session I had 6 fish including a 37lb 8oz and a 38lb 8oz - so all in all a good trip given the circumstances and I can't wait to get back!

Brett White