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Places available on Gigantica Main Lake Summer 2013.

As a result of some last-minute cancellations and odd, incomplete weeks, there are no less than 33 spare places spread over 12 weeks this summer. This gives anglers who can leave at the last minute a chance to fish this incredible water, which now holds at least 100 fish over 40lb including 40 over 50lb, 15 over 60lb, two over 70lb and Fudgies at 80lb plus. In the past places have rarely become available at this time of year.

These are the dates, all week commencing Saturday, arriving at the lake by 1pm and leaving the following Saturday at 9am. All prices are excluding the obligatory food package, which starts at £120 for breakfast delivered to your swim and an evening meal at the lodge or £150 for breakfast and lunch delivered to your swim and an evening meal at the Lodge. Gigantica has a great reputation for high quality food in large amounts!

Sat 22nd June – 3 places @ £295 each (discount of £100)
Sat 29th June – 10 places @ £295 each (discount of £100)
Sat 6th July – 3 places @ £295 each (discount of £100)
Sat 13th July – 3 places @ £295 each (discount of £100)
Sat 20th July – 1 place @ £345 (discount of £50)
Sat 27th July – 2 places @ £345 (discount of £50)
Sat 2nd August – 5 places @ £395 (discount of £30)
Sat 31st August – 1 place @ £395 (discount of £30)
Sat 14th September – 1 place @ £395 (discount of £30)
Sat 21st September – 2 places @ £395 (discount of £30)
Sat 28th September – 1 places @ £395 (discount of £30)
Sat 26th October – 1 place @ £395 (discount of £30)

The fish will have spawned by the time these places start so the fishing will be at its best. Aggressive bottom-bait rigs fished over beds of boilies score best at this time and with new fish pushing through the 40lb, 50lb and 60lb barrier all the time there has never been a better time to beat your personal best, that’s why I have four weeks booked on there myself this year!

The lake has strangely attracted a reputation for being fished at range but in fact 90 per cent of the fish get caught between 40 and 100yds! It’s not easy but if you get it right big hits of huge and very beautiful fish can be achieved. Our two experienced bailiffs will do whatever they can to put you on the hotspots with the very best rigs and baits and if you have any doubts about what to take, we have a superb selection of Korda terminal kit and Mainline frozen boilies at the lake.

Our fridge in the clubhouse is always full of cold beers and we will even deliver then to your swim, just like room service at a top hotel! Showers and toilets are spotless and the swims are flat and comfortable, as a result many of our regular customers bring their wives too!

Gigantica is easy to find being only 3½ hours from Calais with 3 hours of this on the motorway, so if you are up for fishing a truly beautiful lake, for arguably the most stunning fish in France, give the boys a call on 01268 820440 or email on bookings@gigantica-carp.com.

If your want some more ‘carp porn’ check out gigantica-carp.com and play the welcome video, then click on ‘Fish’ and feast your eyes on just some of our inhabitants!

Tight lines

Danny Fairbrass