South Ings receives a stocking of stunning VS Fisheries carp!

Embryo Angling Habitats primary objective is to create as many new high quality waters as possible and it is continuing to invest heavily in its current portfolio, having just stocked the South Ings Complex with fifteen new fish averaging well over 20lb a piece!

South Ings is located at North Cave in East Yorkshire five minutes off the M62. The three lakes on the complex are now two after pits 1 and 2 were knocked through last winter making them 12 acres in total with pit 3 at the back of the complex a solitary 4.5 acres.

Stocking started in December 14 and since then 208 fish have gone into pits 1 and 2 and a further 85 into pit 3. The complex average is now 15lb with both pits producing commons to 26lb and 25lb respectively. VS Fisheries (Simon Scott and Viv Shears) famous carp have made up the bulk of the stockings with a Lea Valley syndicate providing the commons, many of which have now put on 6lbs or more and so are well into the twenty pound bracket.

The stocking last week adds a stunning new dimension to both pits which did not previously have 20lb mirrors in them. Six C6 fish went into pits 1 and 2 including a 'super beast' of 29lb 12oz, plus mirrors of 23lb 2oz, 24lb 4oz, 26lb 8oz, 21lb 12oz and genetic leather of 21lb 14oz.

The remaining nine went into pit 3 including another beast of a male fish at 28lb 2oz, plus mirrors of 24lb 10oz, 24lb 8oz (Viv's tip for the lake record in future), 23lb 1oz, 21lb 15oz, 21lb 10oz, 21lb 6oz, 21lb 4oz and 19lb 12oz.

Embryo founder Danny Fairbrass says: “We expect big things from these new VS fish, they are arguably the best around and with the blood line coming from the famous Colne Valley mecca 'Harrow' there is no reason why they won't hit 40 or even 50lb in years to come.”

Twenties are regarded just as a 30lb-er would be down south so this new stocking really puts South Ings on the map, with an estimated sixteen twenties in pit 3 and twenty four in pits 1 and 2 backed up by a host of amazing scaly VS fish that are growing steadily.

If that isn't enough a further 30 scaly 'Simmos' from Heather Fisheries are being spread between both pits this week. The C5 fish (5 summers old) should range between 15 and 18lbs and are known to be greedy 'bait fish' that grow quickly but also don't mind getting caught.

Danny says: “All credit to both VS and Heather Fisheries, they are producing the most beautiful fish we have ever seen. The mix we now have including the Lea Valley commons means when the buzzer goes you never know what it's going to be. I suspect both pits will produce 30lb-ers next year both from mirrors and commons judging by the growth rates of the existing front runners. These are exciting times indeed for local carp anglers, and I am very very proud to be part of this project.”

To average out footfall the South Ings complex is split into two syndicates, weekday (10am mon-10am fri) and weekends (10am fri-10am mon), members can fish any lake at any time within their rota. There are still a few weekday winter tickets available and you can easily add yourself to the full season waiting list which is strictly on a first come first served basis.

In spite of over £20,000 worth of new fish going in this year prices are kept well below the national average at £200 for a 2017 full season ticket. Winter tickets this year are a very reasonable £85 which, if you fish midweek you can get on right now. Email your interest regarding any Embryo ticket to info@embryoangling.org.

Embryos second objective is to help fence as many waters as possible up and down the country either at a low cost relevant to the waters income or even for free if the water is under threat from predation and simply has no profits to pay for their own fence. In the first two years we have fenced no less than 9 independent waters and of course 5 of our own, with many more in the pipeline for the coming 12 months.

To support this ongoing commitment Embryo have produced a high quality angling calendar with amazing images from both its own waters and others all around Europe. It shows the moon phases throughout including the 'hottest' days when you really need to be angling plus a superb quote from Simon Scott about the fishes behaviour in each month. £7 of every £7.99 goes directly towards fencing lakes that cannot afford it themselves, every calendar roughly equates to one meter of fencing with embryos contribution included. Look at your purchase as a donation to an amazing cause that will literally save a fishes life!

No one has taken a profit from it including the shop you buy from so my thanks to all concerned for their generous contribution. We hope you all see it as an easy and rewarding way to contribute to the sport we all love. The calendar is available from all Korda stockists or via Korda24: www.korda24.com

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Team Embryo