South Ing members bag up on big 'uns at Teillatts!

The Embryo Angling South Ings syndicate members decided to have a social trip to France and the fishing exceeded anything that they were expecting, with numerous big fish caught, including two topping the 80lb mark!

Fishery manager Colin Jagger was joined by fellow members, Lewis North, Andy Beach, Carl Addicott, Jamie Bottomley, Ben Sellers and Adam Brown, as they made the journey across the Channel to Les Teillatts, a 35 acre lake in northern France, close to the River Seine.

The lake had been fishing slow and conditions for the trip weren’t exactly ideal, dropping to well below freezing some nights, but this didn’t put the fish off feeding and the action was fast and furious, with Colin alone landing 39 fish!

Colin revealed: “I landed 39 carp in total, with one over 80lb, a sixty, eight 50s, sixteen 40s and apart from a couple of 20s the rest were all over 30lb, plus I had three 60lb catfish as well!

“The trip got off to a great start with a fish of 51lb 14oz just two hours after arriving, and within the first 24 hours we had managed 20 carp between us. It took Andy Beach a while to get off the mark but on the second day he had fish of 34lb 10oz and 45lb 2oz, and then went on to catch his first ever sixty, a mirror of 63lb 10oz plus the Big Common at 82lb 8oz, which was great as the trip was a fortieth birthday present from his wife!

“About halfway through the session my nine year search for a 50lb common finally ended when I landed one of 53lb 8oz. That only lasted for eight minutes though as I then had a double take resulting in another new PB of 63lb 8oz, and the other fish was a bonus 48lb mirror.

“The next day things got even better when I had a new PB mirror as well, a fish known as Cut Tail at 80lb 4oz, which was my thirty-fourth fish of the session and I still had two more nights to go.

“It then went cold with temperatures dropping to minus four at night, but I was still getting the odd fish, including a couple of 40s and a 50lb 5oz mirror, and I ended the amazing session with a 41lb mirror!

“Over the week I went through 40kg of Mainline Cell boilies and I was catching them all on IQ D-rigs tied using 20lb IQ2 to size 4 Krank hooks, as these make it very quick to get a bait back out after a fish. I was also using Quick Change Hyrbid Lead Clips with Dark Matter tubing and 15lb Touchdown main line.

“Ever since we got home I have been bombarded with calls from other Embryo members wanting to come on next year’s trip,” he added.