Solid bags do the trick for Rob Burgess at Farlows

Casting to showing fish at Farlows Lake really paid off for Rob Burgess, resulting in a five fish catch topped by this fantastic 35lb 6oz mirror!

Rob had arrived to find the lake busy but he still managed to get into a swim which gave him access to the area where a lot of the fish had been showing, and it wasn’t long before he started to get some action.

He revealed: “The fish were stacked up on the Factory Bank and fortunately a swim known as Scott’s was free. I knew that they don’t like too much casting on their heads so wanted to cause the minimum amount of disturbance and decided so go with Solidz bags.

“I used a mix of different sized Sticky Baits bloodworm pellets, Krill powder, Krill boilie crumb and Cap-Oil. Over the top I fished a Krill pop-up, as for pressured carp in prefer to match-the-hatch as my bag mix is enough to pull them down. I feel that this gets me extra bites from the sneaky ones when compared to a bright hookbait. I fished my hookbait so that it was only just balanced and this was presented on a size 6 Kurv Shank hook and a short Supernatural braided hook link, with a 3oz inline flat pear lead.

“I flicked out two rods to just short of where they were showing, hoping that they would come to me, rather than casting right on them and pushing them further away. I was quickly rewarded with a small stockie, which was a good sign that I had my tactics right.

“As evening approached the carp moved closer and I saw a few decent ones show short of me, so I thought it had to be worth a cast. Shortly afterwards that rod was away and straight away it felt like a much bigger fish. It turned out to be a chunky mirror of 35lb 6oz and was one of the bigger fish in the lake.

“I kept on recasting through the night, and my next bite came at 2am when I landed another small one, and then just as it got light I had a 22lb mirror in the pouring rain. I got soaked landing it, which isn’t ideal when you’re fishing with PVA bags, but I managed to get the rod back out and was happy to have had four bites.

“Around lunchtime it went very quiet and the fish stopped showing, and then just as I began to think that they might have drifted off, I started to see them again. A group of them kept showing in one area, so I cast two bags at them and within 20 minutes I was in again.

“The fight was immense and it really went for it, and it was a good 15 minutes before I caught a glimpse of a dark leathery mirror. I finally got it in the net and what an incredible looking carp it was at 29lb, and it was a great way to end a productive 24 hour session.”