Social Weekend

The first ever Korda social was held at the fantastic Farlows Lake, in Iver, Buckinghamshire. The intention of the weekend was solely to gather all our anglers together for a good crack, hopefully the odd carp and a load of camaraderie. It was an idea of Danny’s and a great way to thank everybody for all their hard work over the year.

We arrived at Farlows early Friday morning in late October, on a damp Autumnal day. Through the day all the anglers starting arriving and began to set up in their swims. Farlows kindly let us fish along the ‘Smelly Bank’ so we could all fish in a line and keep together.

Soon enough everyone was settled in their swims ready for the night ahead. The afternoon passed and it was soon time to reel in and spark up the barby. This was the perfect time for everyone to get together, have a beer and enjoy each other’s company. This really is what its all about; everyone getting on, no egos, just lots of top anglers sharing stories and having a good laugh.

The next morning everyone was greeted with a bacon sandwich, to keep the anglers fuelled for the day ahead. Unfortunately, it fished very slow through the day. However, the lads didn’t stop working trying all manners of tactics. The first blood came from Joe Stephens, who winkled the first bite of the trip. He was fishing really tight to a snaggy area of an island, next to an overhanging tree, resulting in a knarly, old CV common over 20lb. This wasn’t his only slice of success, though, as he followed it up with another belting common on the final day.
The next bit of action came from Thinking Tackle regular and margin expert Simon Scott. In typical Scotty fashion, he found a clear area down his left hand margin and by placing a hook bait quietly under an overhanging canopy he was rewarded with yet another wily, Farlows common.

Although there was plenty of action, the weekend was all about the social with everyone going home with a smile on their face after great food, top fishing and a few laughs.

A big thanks to everyone at Farlows for their hospitality, we’ll see you soon.

Team Korda.