Social session result at Myths Pool for Dean Macey!

Dean Macey has just had a great session at Myths Pool, both in terms of the fishing and also an enjoyable social with a couple of his mates!

Dean spent a night at the Essex day ticket water with Billy Flowers and Ray Rutter, and they ended up sharing a ten fish catch between them, with The Big Fish Off presenter landing the lions share with six carp falling to his rods.

Billy and Ray both chipped in with two fish each at the 2.7 acre venue, with the majority of those that they caught being mid to upper doubles, with a sprinkling of low 20s also thrown in.

Dean explained: “It was great fun and we all had bites, with most of our fish coming from clear areas which we found amongst the weed, plus a few on zigs fished 18 inches or so off of the bottom.

“It was nice just to get out and catch a few and it is a great venue which I really enjoy fishing, especially when I’m with a couple of mates. The fish are stunning and these younger ones are going to be really special in a few years.”

Successful tactics included 12mm Mainline Wafters fished over a scattering of 10mm freebies, and Dean landed his fish on size 8 Wide Gape hooks to 15lb N-Trap hook lengths.

Myths Pool only opened fairly recently and contains a couple of 40s plus several others that top 30lb, and there are plenty of stunning 20s and doubles to go at as well.

The water is jointly owned by Mitchell Whitehall and eight times England Carp Team member Billy Flowers, and they’re looking to turn it into one of the premier day ticket waters in the country, with plenty of anglers already big fans of the venue.

There are eight swims on the lake and although it is only small it is packed full of features, including bars, weed patches and silty areas, plus two islands.

In order to fish the lake you need make a one-off payment of £50 to join the lake for life, and then you pay a day ticket every time you fish it after that.

For full details check out: http://www.carpersparadise.com/myths-pool/