Six stunning-looking carp on an overnight session!

After helping with the recent filming of Monster Carp in South Africa, local angler Brandon Frazer managed to get out for a bit of fishing himself.

Brandon fished an overnight session on a big lake near to his home and was rewarded with six carp, and although none of them were monsters he was still very pleased to land some stunning looking fish up to around 25lb.

He revealed: “The lake is fairly big and is divided into two parts by numerous cables that run through the centre of it, around 270m out from either bank.

“I’ve been fishing this lake for a few years now and know that the carp love to stay between these cables as it is the only safe haven that they really have on this water, so you really have to work hard to get them to come to where you can fish for them.

“My idea to achieve that was to boost as much attraction into my groundbait and hookbaits as possible, and hopefully pull the fish out from amongst the cables. I needed a high attraction hookbait so I soaked some tiger nuts in the Corn Twist Goo and fished a single tiger on a ‘spinner’ rig, topping it with a piece of Fake Food maize to balance the rig.

“I then crushed up some Mainline Banoffee boilies into a fine crumb and juiced that up with some Corn Twist and Tiger Nut Goos, mixing in some small tiger nuts and hemp for extra attraction and to keep the fish grubbing around in the area where I was feeding it.

“Due the distance I was fishing at, I used an inflatable boat to drop my rigs out on the area that I wanted to target, not far from the cables, and then put one scoop of bait over the top of it, and also spread two scoops along the cables to create a trail of bait to my rig.

“Because I was fishing tight up against the cables I had everything completely locked up and was using braided main line to ensure immediate indication, and I was also using 50lb Snag Leader XT just in case any of the fish did make it into the cables. These tactics worked as I ended up landing six carp during the evening,” he added.