Six fantastic new products are in the shops and on Korda24 now!

We have some fantastic new products which have literally just hit the tackle shops, so make sure to check them out.

High on the list for many people will be the MINI RIG-SAFE COMBI, which is the latest additional to this popular range.

Unlike the existing Rig-Safe models, this one also provides storage for small essential rig components, such as boilie stops, beads, swivels, shrink tube and anything else of a similar size.

These are kept in the 12 secure compartments that fill one side of the case, which snap shut to ensure there is no chance of them spilling out during transit.

The other side of the Mini Rig-Safe Combi will hold 20 rigs of up to eight inches in length, which are stored neatly and held in place via the pins provided. It comes supplied with 15 standard pins for storing finished rigs on the high density foam board, plus 10 double pins that will hold rigs in place that are yet to have a swivel or similar attached to them.

It features the specially machined, ridged aluminium bar that is found on the other Rig-Safe models, and is designed to retain your hooks in perfect condition and keeps them razor sharp, plus the way it has been made ensured that curved shrink tube and ‘kickers’ stay the correct shape during storage.

The Mini Rig-Safe Combi is made from high impact plastic and is incredibly strong, plus it is finished in soft touch rubber to allow a good grip in wet conditions. The clever magnetic locking system ensures that it can’t come open during transit, but there are no latches to fiddle about with top open and close it when you have cold hands! It retails at £17.99.

We also expect the BAIT UP FEEDER to prove just as popular as the original version, and it retains many of the features that made that so good, as well as plenty of improvements as well.

It is a one-piece design and incorporates a bait disc at the front to ensure that the groundbait stays intact until it reaches the bottom. It is finished with a soft insert in the nose that will fit any size 8 swivel and create a safe bolt rig, plus a tail rubber to prevent any chance of a tangle.

It still features a weighted fin that ensures it always lands the correct way up, and is very stable in flight as long as it is loaded evenly. There is a choice of 35g or 50g versions, with both costing £2.99.

KRANK X hooks are a heavier duty version of the incredibly popular Krank pattern, that was designed by Tom Dove.

Like the original version they feature a very sharp beaked point, slightly offset, and swept shank with an in-turned eye, and are suitable for a wide variety of different rigs, but on a heavier gauge of wire.

This makes them suitable for overseas fishing, or in situations in the UK where you need a very strong hook, and they come in sizes 2, 4, 6 and 8, with a pack of ten costing £3.99.

We already have a very popular and successful range of ready-tied rigs and the new DARK MATTER READY RIG adds to that.

This particular rig is a favourite of Korda’s Neil Spooner and he’s used it to land carp of all sizes from a wide variety of waters. It is tied on a Wide Gape hook, offering great hooking potential via the piece of shrink tubing that has been added to make it turn even more aggressively, with a piece of silicon on the shank so the hair comes off at just the right point.

Dark Matter braid sinks incredibly well and the rig comes supplied with extender hair stops, which make it compatible with a wide variety of different sized baits and allows you to change the length of the hair as required.

The rigs come in a choice of barbed or barbless and in even sizes 2 to 10, with a suitable breaking strain of Dark Matter matched to the hook size. They cost £1.99 each.

The BROWN TEAM KORDA HOODIE won’t help you catch more fish, but it will make you comfortable on the bank, as well as looking stylish!

It has all the features of the original olive or black versions, including an action fit, with raglan shoulders and stretchy underarm panels that allow freedom of movement, whilst still providing a good fit.

It is made from high quality 320gsm fleece jersey and has a crossover fronted hood to keep the cold out, plus the drawcords are neat and can’t hang down when photographing a fish. The ‘kangeroo’ front pocket also has two internal security pockets for things like mobile phones and car keys, and the sleeves are finished with thumb inserts. It comes in sizes small to 3XL and costs £34.99.

The HOOK BEADS are one of the simplest items of tackle in our range but a lot of thought has still gone into them to get them just right.

They are great for any rig that involves using a bead on the hook itself as they grip without the need for glue to secure them in place, but will still slide once a fish is hooked.

The design is tapered to allow a rig ring or micro swivel to buffer up against the bead, but without it getting stuck. They come with ten beads attached to a central stem, which ensures they are easy to use without being fiddly, and they will fit any hook in the Korda range from size 2 to 10. A pack of 20 costs £2.50.

All six of these new products are available in Korda stockists now, or you can order via https://www.korda24.com