Sink 'Em!

Sinkers can make a massive difference to your presentation – fact. Constructed out of a dense, tungsten material, the Sinkers are heavy and therefore pin your hook link to the lake bed with ease. They’re very similar to a simple float stop, yet far heavier. When targeting cunning, wary carp it’s imperative that your hook link is as inconspicuous as possible so keeping it flush to the lake bed is a must.
Many of the top carp anglers in the country, including the technical Simon Scott and Gaz Fareham, are raving about them. They come mounted on a neat rig disk, coloured in bright Korda green to stand out if your drop it, and features strands of tough wire which withholds several Sinkers. The Sinkers are mounted onto the looped wire, which makes it easier for them to be transferred onto a hook link material.
Literally any hook link can be employed with a Sinker. Place the tag end of your hook link, the end opposite your hook, into the wire loop. Moisten the Sinker, and wire, and then slowly slide it onto the hook link placing it where you wish on the hooklength. You can even use two if you want to pin everything down.
The Sinkers come available in Weedy Green and Gravel Brown, and sizes small and large suiting all requirements. The great thing you’ll notice about the design of each Sinker is the fact that they sit extremely tight on the hooklength, meaning that they won’t move or slide on the cast, like putty might.
To make your link even heavier, or actually use it as part of the rig’s behaviour, mould a large section of putty around a Sinker placed an inch or so away from your hook. Once sucked in, the extra density will pull the hook down once in the carp’s mouth. This is a massive favourite of Adam Penning’s and Simon Scott’s. That said, they are just as effective used on their own to pin down the link or anchor a small pop-up.
Give them a go, you won’t be disappointed!