Singling them out

Typically Autumn is a great time of year for big fish captures over at Gigantica, and this year is proving to be no different.

Our very own bailiff Richard ‘Barty’ Bartlett (aka Chris Moyles or George Michael) had the catch of a lifetime and during an excitable chat on the phone he told us:

‘This year myself and Head bailiff Michael have been flat out working over here and had little time for ourselves, even to wet a line. So when the opportunity came, I jumped at the chance. Obviously all the anglers have their first choice swims and if we get the chance (and with their permission) we will flick the rods out at night.

The swim going free this time was the ‘Stock Pond’ situated right next to the hut, which was convenient. Part of our role here as bailiffs is to know the spots and holding areas in each swim, making it easier for everyone on arrival. In this particular swim its 21-rod lengths where there is light weed, over towards the point. However for the first few days I didn’t manage to get the rods out with the large amount of work that had to be done. I think this worked to my advantage though, because I trickled bait in from the start of the week without having any lines in the water, so the carp had a free feed which seemed to build their confidence up.

When it comes to rigs you really don’t need to get technical, keeping things simple ‘like myself’ is the key. Just making sure your hook is sharp, well presented with the right hook-bait and in the right spot, you wont go far wrong. I did however get the chance to try out some new hooks that Tom Dove left me from his last trip. The ‘Krank’ is a new pattern and has been tested by a few of members of Team Korda with great success.

I finally got the rods out and surprisingly I didn’t have to wait long before one of the rods was away. In the deep water nearly everything you hook feels extremely big in here. However, this felt in a completely different league! It stayed deep all the way in and the relief when it went into the net and we realised which fish it was, words can honestly not describe a feeling like that. This fish had been due out for a while, and with its shear size and bulk, it was easy to identify it as Single Scale.

Fish care is the number one priority on here, so we dealt with the fish there and then, making the whole process quick as possible. The moment of truth came and she pulled the scales round to an incredible 72lb. I was absolutely over the moon we got some great shots and video footage of the whole experience.

A special thanks goes out to all the lads fishing that week for a great time, lots of banter and of course plenty of fish.

Single scale wasn’t the only cheese out this week, Dan Phipps also got amongst the action. Bracing two of the A team with Discus at 60lb and Roberts fish at 61lb 12oz. Fingers crossed the weather stays in our favour and this form continues into November.

Check out the catch reports at- http://www.gigantica-carp.com