Singled Out - Ali Hamidi

Our very own Ali Hamidi broke his foreign PB in fine style at Gigantica this month, banking an incredible seventy pounder. A string of frustrating losses saw Ali looking for a last-gasp whacker on his final night at Danny Fairbrass’ French super-venue. Ali stuck to his guns and was rewarded with one of the undisputed Gigantica A Team, the mighty Single Scale, which hammered the scales round to 70lb 8oz. This is a new seventy for the lake, which means that there are now three residents that should top the magic mark.
The beast snagged Ali in the margins after doing a good impression of a lorry tyre while kiting in! Our man knew that he was into a whacker and was relieved to finally slip the net under the beast at 4am. The big girl slipped up on one of Ali’s Orient Specials, which he reserves for when the going gets tough when on away trips! They are orange donkey chokers, flavoured with Mainline Peach Ade and Scopex. The successful end tackle featured a Safe-Zone leader, size-six Wide Gape Kaptor in Gravel Brown and Hybrid Leadclip system. Ali baited with a mixture of Mainline’s New Grange and Cell along with a scattering of tiger nuts. Well done that man – you’ll do well to beat that PB now mate!